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Season 1 of The Mist has already revealed a number of disturbing being that lurk in the town of Bridgton, including mutating moths, blood-sucking leeches and ghosts from the past. But what lingers long after the credits roll is the sense of mystery and secrecy that showrunner Christian Torpe has threaded throughout each episode.

From the origins of the mist to the involvement of The Arrowhead Project, The Mist is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, so we had plenty of burning questions to ask during our interview with Torpe, including how the show could have evolved if the show was renewed for Season 2.

Unfortunately, Spike TV has now officially canceled The Mist following a drop in viewers after the Season 1 premiere. While we may never know how the cliffhanger finale could have played out, the following interview sheds some light on what could have been...

We Would Have Learned More About How The Mist Works In Season 2

Each version of The Mist so far has appropriately kept us in the dark regarding how it works or where it comes from, but Torpe planned to reveal more back story as the show develops.

"We wanted to treat the mist like a character. It has wants and needs and acts accordingly, but for Season One, we will not be revealing (too) much of how and why - we have built a backstory and mythology that I think the audience is really gonna like when we get to it!"

Eagle-eyed viewers should lift the fog from their eyes and keep a look out for potential clues in Season 1 too, as Torpe revealed that the identity of the black figure from the mall has already been subtly revealed in Episode 4, titled 'Pequod'.

"The answer is actually there, in the episode, but in general, for Season One, we didn't want to over-explain why the mist works as it does. We have our rules and we stick to them, but what exactly the mythology is and how it works, is something we will start going more in depth with in later seasons."

While previous adaptations of Stephen King's story have only hinted at where the mist came from, Torpe had more time to slowly tease the mystery out across multiple episodes, which explains why The Mist would have revealed more in its sophomore outing.

Season 2 Would Have Taken Aim At The Arrowhead Project

The pilot episode of The Mist opened with the introduction of "Bryan Hunt," an amnesiac soldier whose involvement with The Arrowhead Project could help explain the horrors that wrack the town of Bridgton. However, little mention has been made of this experiment since then, despite the fact that The Arrowhead Project is responsible for bringing the mist into this world — according to Stephen King's original story, at least.

Naturally, we asked Torpe whether we'll have some answers by the time that Season 1 ends, but it turns out that The Arrowhead Project would have become a key focus of Season 2 instead:

"We will definitely be tapping deeper into the Arrowhead projects, not that much in season 1, but the season 2 storyline takes us much, much deeper into the Arrowhead projects and its possible connection to the mist itself."

Use of the word "possible" here is rather intriguing, as previous versions of The Mist have confirmed that The Arrowhead Project is responsible for the horror that ensues. While Torpe may have just been deliberately vague here, it's also likely that The Mist TV show would have deviated from what we've seen before, perhaps even creating a new origin that still involves Arrowhead in a new way.

Why There Won't Be A Second Season Of The Mist

The Mist [Credit: Spike TV]
The Mist [Credit: Spike TV]

Despite mixed reviews, TV Series Finale reported that Kevin Kay, the President of Spike, was initially optimistic about the show's fate and how it could move to their new Paramount Network:

“In success, if this season on Spike goes well, we would pick it up for next year, and Season 2 will be on Paramount. I think it looks very good, there is a big marketing campaign that is about to launch around it. We think it’s got a lot of potential, and it might join the Paramount Network.”

This news sounded rather promising, leading us to believe that The Mist would in fact float our way once again after the current season ends. Torpe previously told us if that's the case, then plans were already in place to continue the story next year:

"It's too early to say if we will get a season 2 or not, but as you can see from my answers, I have a plan and know what the madness leads to!"

Unfortunately, we now know that this plan will never unfold, preventing Torpe from finally answering some of the show's mysteries, including what on earth happened to those poor prisoners in the finale. If Season 2 had been picked up, then it's likely that the show would have also continued delving into topical concerns, and perhaps even crossed over with other Stephen King adaptations one day. After all, who wouldn't want to see Pennywise float in The Mist?

What would you have liked to see explored in Season 2 of The Mist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

(Source — TV Series Finale)


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