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One of the better Star Wars novels to have come out in the recent canon is none other than Dark Disciple from author Christie Golden. Set during the Clone Wars, the book told the unfinished arc of Quinlan Vos and Asajj Ventress from the cancelled episodes of the TV show The Clone Wars and was one of the most emotional Star Wars stories to date, weaving a tale of love and revenge. Now, Golden returns to a galaxy far, far away with Inferno Squad, which is set to pick up right after the events of . Even better news? You won't have to wait too long to get your hands on this book, as it is due on shelves July 25th.

[Credit: Del Rey]
[Credit: Del Rey]

In response to the theft of the Death Star plans, the Empire establishes a brand new squad with only one task to accomplish: Destroy the remnants of Saw Gerrera's (Forest Whitaker) Partisan Rebels, who have been raining extreme justice down on the Imperial War Machine. But the squad doesn't appear to be going in guns blazing; rather, they've infiltrated the Partisans and hope to destroy it from within.

Saw's Partisans in 'Rogue One' [Credit: Disney / LucasFilm]
Saw's Partisans in 'Rogue One' [Credit: Disney / LucasFilm]

Just from that brief piece of information, which you can read more in-depth at, it appears that we're going to be getting a cutting-edge military espionage thriller set within the Star Wars universe and at the starting point of the Galactic Civil War, which should be rich with all kinds of interesting characters, high stakes and great tension. I'm picturing some kind of World War II or early Cold War-style cat-and-mouse story, where the moles are inside the network, only this time the protagonists also happen to be the villains.

Coming off of the Saving Private Ryan military angle that was Rogue One, it's great to see the war being handled from various points of contention, and infiltration of an extremist group sounds extremely appealing and fresh. Golden has proved she is more than capable at handling high-octane action coupled with great character arcs, so here's hoping this novel meets the bar she set for herself on Dark Disciple.


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