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Christina Grimmie took the world by storm with her 2014 appearance in The Voice. Sadly, in June of 2016, the singer was murdered by Kevin James Loibl, who shot her four times during an autograph-signing session. Ever since that day, her family has been making an effort to keep her legacy alive.

This past Sunday, June 10, marked the anniversary of her death. To commemorate it, her family released her full album, All Is Vanity. The first single, "Invisible," was released back in February.

They also posted a statement on the singer's Instagram page, in which they thanked the singer's fans for all their loving support:

The statement read:

"We want to take this moment to say thank you to Christina's legion of fans worldwide and all the partners who contributed and are still contributing to her legacy. Your prayers, love, encouragement and support have been felt by us as a family and we are humbled and deeply appreciative. We too, are still healing, but know that we love each and every one of you. Thank you for your support!"

Prior to the release of the album, Grimmie's fans showed how much she's still loved by gathering outside The Plaza Live in Orlando and wearing green t-shirts (her favorite color) to sing her song, "Liar, Liar."

Fortunately for her fans, there could be a lot more of 's songs coming out in the near future. During an appearance on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, her brother, Marcus, revealed she had recorded a number of songs prior to her death:

"Since about 2015, she's been just grinding it out, writing songs, and has about 50 to 60 songs that are finished vocally, and she'd just been putting in hard work. It's unbelievable. No one that I have ever met has worked as hard as she has, and that's for sure. We're very excited to be doing this the way she wanted it done."

Grimmie's loss was devastating, and as her family said in their statement, they are still recovering from what happened. It's incredible to see them keeping Christina Grimmie present in the minds of everyone through what she loved the most: music.

If you want to check out her album, it's currently available for purchase.


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