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Will Wharton

They say red-haired women have a fiery temper to match their fiery locks; this age-old proverb proved true for me during a routine patrol along border of northern Haljamibad and neighboring Kwark. Armed with nothing but a machete made of ice (the locals feared it) and my wits, I encountered a red-headed lass riding what can only be described as an ass. Apologies for my foul language. When I offered her a ride upon my ample shoulders as her steed seemed to be losing momentum, she responded most aggressively. Taking her riding crop she flung it again and again across my neck until I fell to the ground, swearing like a swatted bluebottle fly. Sometime later, I awoke to find all my belongings gone save for a small coin purse containing a lock of my own hair. Weird.

Christina Hendricks however displays none of the characteristics I encountered on my lonely sojourn through Kwark. Rather, she exudes a kind of ethereal grace that seems to brighten anything she touches. In order to sell some jewelry for un-dead designer Vivienne Westwood, Miss Hendricks has dolled herself up to the nines with fine fabrics and fashionable garments.

Check out these two photos that I snagged from the shoot, they should give you a taste of what flame-haired women are all about!

Check out the rest of the images on Vivienne Westwood's website.


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