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The holidays are upon us! The season when you spend the most time with your family, enjoying a meal, opening gifts together, sitting in the living room, listening to music or watching something Christmassy on TV. Unfortunately, viewing can be rather cheesy at the best of times, usually with a story that ends on a very sappy note so that the whole family, children and grandparents included, can enjoy them. But there are some festive stories made purely for the adults. Put the kids to bed or just put them out in the snow to enjoy this mature-audience fare.

1. Batman Returns (1992)

This is a movie I absolutely must watch every December and has been my favorite Christmastime movie for years. It even includes a tree lighting and the gift of giving. Batman Returns has all the elements of a great flick: a phenomenal villain in Penguin (Danny DeVito), a great love interest and villain in (Michelle Pfeiffer) and, of course, perhaps the best Batman of all, played by Michael Keaton.

2. Aqua Teen Hunger Force — 'Cybernetic Ghost Of Christmas Past From The Future' (2002)

Did you think that Santa Claus was some jolly old fat guy? Wrong! is an elf. Wait, I think he might be a robot. Either way, "Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future" tells the real origin story of Santa Claus, why Carl's house now has blood instead of running water flowing through his faucets, and what he has to do to make it stop. Fun fact: This episode isn't very Christmassy.

3. Die Hard (1988)

There is an argument that Die Hard isn't a real Christmas movie. Well, it's set at Christmastime, at a work Christmas party, and the spirit of sacrifice is an undercurrent throughout the entire movie. Also, he has a machine gun. Ho ho ho! Beyond that, it's also one of the few movies from the '80s that still holds up today.

4. Metalocalypse — 'Dethmas' (2009)

What could be more metal than Christmas? Well, almost anything. But Toki wants to have Christmas and even scolded his band mates, informing them they are getting gifts, and that's the end of that conversation. And if that wasn't bad enough, the band's mothers are going to be there and Murderface is to put on a Christmas special. The only thing about this episode that is truly Christmas related is the fact that sometimes family outstays their welcome, and Christmas trees are in fact metal.

5. Gremlins (1984)

Sure, they're ugly critters that are looking to cause as much chaos and pain to anyone who gets in their way, but who can watch this movie without laughing? may be a bit silly and goofy, but this film is not meant for kids. However, it's still a great movie to watching for people aged 10 and older. And the characters even sing Christmas carols.

6. Friday After Next (2002)

This movie might be the closest to a true Christmas story on this list. It has all the elements of the holiday season: family, friendship, facing adversity, gift giving, and Santa breaking into houses to steal. Wait, maybe that last point isn't so jolly. Neither is Terry Crews in his boxers dancing to Tupac Shakur. But it sure is funny.

7. Rick And Morty: 'Anatomy Park' (2013)

Of course have an adventure at Christmas. And it wouldn't be Rick and Morty without a buttload of shenanigans. In this episode, Rick shrinks Morty down and injects him into a homeless, drunken Santa who has inside his body a theme park based off the human anatomy (no, it doesn't end well). But that's not the fun part. Jerry's parents come over and they bring their friend, a guy who's openly having sex with both of his parents. Oh, family.

8. Trading Places (1983)

I shouldn't have to tell you any more than the fact that this movie has Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis being their typically hilarious selves. This is easily one of the funniest movies of its era, if not of all time, and one of Murphy's best roles. It's a movie that shows the true spirit of Christmas: Doing the right thing and getting revenge on people who ruin lives over a tiny bet.

9. Bad Santa (2003)

Let's end this list with a movie that boasts gift giving, redemption of a horrible person, a child with hopes of a great Christmas, and a lot of cursing and inappropriate behavior. As raunchy as this movie is, it does has somewhat of a heartwarming Christmas ending.

What is your favorite Christmas movie? Let me know in the comments below.

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