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Oh, man, , never change. Never, ever change. Or at least never stop talking. Ever. If you've never heard of the cinematographer, that's okay. But if you haven't, man, are you missing out, because he is famed for having no filter and not being afraid to run his mouth. He's cantankerous, opinionated, and has no problems ripping apart his contemporaries. He also might be a little crazy (but I'll get to that in a minute).

The latest movie in his crosshairs? 's The Departed. As Doyle said succinctly when he stopped by Toronto's TIFF Bell Lightbox last week: "Fuck The Departed (I love you, Marty)."

Well, okay then.

He does offer a fair bit of insight regarding why creativity in filmmaking is dying:

That’s why there are so many franchises, because nobody is living. Nobody is living, therefore they think filmmaking is about filmmaking. The French have told us how big a mistake that is.

Speaking of having a whole lot of living to do, also offered some words of wisdom for anyone looking to get into the moviemaking business:

[People say to me] "I wanna make films. How should I do it?" Have you been in jail recently? Have you fucked a black woman? Have you been in a car crash? If you haven’t had any of these experiences then what the fuck are you going to talk about?

That's not even the crazy bit. The crazy bit is that, as a white Australian man, he has a Mandarin Chinese-speaking alter-ego named Dù Kefeng, which Doyle explains by saying, "I'm a Chinese with a skin disease."

He needs to be my best friend. Someone, make this happen.


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