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Matt Carter

's status as the Godfather of Hollywood has been confirmed after Warner Bros. gave Paramount the movie rights to both South Park and the Friday 13th franchise just so they could get a slice of his Interstellar pie. Warner Bros., which released Nolan's box office-busting Dark Knight trilogy, was desperate to get on board his latest movie and decided that giving up Jason Vorhees and Kenny was the price they had to pay.

According to The Hollywood Reporter a South Park sequel never materialized due to the fact that both Warner Bros. and Paramount owned the rights to the movie. Now with Warner Bros. out of the picture we could soon be seeing Cartman and the gang back on the screen. They'll have to be quick though, as sources say Paramount only owns the rights for the next five years.

When it comes to Christopher Nolan's influence in Hollywood, you must respect his authoritah!



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