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Brian Salisbury

Strike up the orchestra, start running up those steps, and prepare to once a chicken(?) because it looks like the Rocky franchise isn't yet down for the count. According to Deadline, MGM is backing a Rocky spinoff called Creed, which will be directed by (Fruitvale Station). In the film, Chronicle's (who starred in Fruitvale Station for Coogler) would play the grandson of the great Apollo Creed, portrayed in the Rocky series by . The offspring Creed would be living a comfortable life, thanks to his grandfather's success, and would harbor the desire and talent to box even though participating in the sport would not be necessary to secure his future. would once again be playing his iconic role, this time as the young Creed's trainer.

I should be upset about this, alarm bells should ringing in my head. However, the people involved here and the passion for the project that Coogler has exhibited are too encouraging to ignore. Michael B. Jordan is a sensational actor and I am all for watching him bring his charisma and swagger to the ring, just as did Weathers. Also, this is not a project that the studio is forcing on us, it was Coogler's idea and he was able to get not only MGM but Stallone excited about it as well. I'm willing to go a few rounds with the final product before I make my decision.

Now the question becomes, will Jordan be squaring off against Ivan Drago's offspring?


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