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Chuck, the geek-turned-spy TV series that struggled in the ratings, ended in 2012 after five seasons. Almost immediately, fans began clamoring for a movie, if not another season. The finale of Chuck was ambiguous, and producers felt that the ambiguity allowed viewers to choose how they wanted the show to wrap up. Fans made it very clear that wasn't what they wanted.

Now, almost five years after the end, the rumor mill is still hot with talks of a movie that will reunite the cast of Chuck. Since 2013, Chuck star Zachary Levi has told his fans "he's working on it" when asked about the possibility that a movie could, indeed, happen.

One particularly ardent Twitter fan, @ChuckVStheMovie, is still hosting petitions in an effort to gain the attention of The CW, Netflix or other networks for a possible Chuck revival. Meanwhile, keeps fans updated on the stars' latest projects while maintaining hopes for a film.

One only has to check the hashtag on Twitter to see that fans are determined to have their voices heard. And the actors have made it clear they are listening.

In May 2016, Yvonne Strahovski spoke with the Huffington Post about her movie, Taking Manhattan, and inevitably, the subject of Chuck was resurrected. The actress made it clear she wasn't opposed to the idea:

There’s always chatter about a Chuck movie. So nobody’s opposed to it. It’s just a matter of getting everything lined up. And there’s a lot of chefs in that kitchen, you know. ... But it is doable. But it’s also a matter of timing. Everyone’s obviously doing so many different things now. It would be a commitment that everybody would have to be available for.

And speaking of availability, Zachary Levi's new project, Unidentified, a sci-fi action series, might make that movie even more difficult. Ironically, Zach will be portraying a CIA operative.

Want more Chuck?

Before Levi picked up this series, he was asked about a Chuck movie when he attended the People's Choice Awards last year. His response gave fans more hope:

I mean, if I had my druthers, yes, 100 percent, I would still love to make a Chuck movie and then more beyond that depending on how well it does.

Every day, Chuck makes new fans when the series is discovered on Netflix. With 1,456 reviews, it remains a popular offering, and the DVDs are selling briskly on Amazon, proving that the series hasn't officially ended for many viewers. It's only reasonable to assume those who are watching Chuck for the first time will add their voices to the cry for a movie.

While fans are still tweeting, joining Facebook groups, sharing memories of Chuck on Instagram and Pinterest, and rewatching it on Netflix, they can take comfort in knowing their voices are being heard. But will the Chuck movie actually happen? We can't be sure, but there's one thing we do know. Zachary Levi and the cast of Chuck love their fans, and if it's possible to bring Team Bartowski to the small screen or the big screen, they will do it.


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