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Will Wharton

Cindy Crawford — model, mother, bird impersonator. When she's not on the stages of West Malibu golf-clubs, Cindy can be found beachcombing with only her ears as metal detectors. Here she is, shilling for Metamucil and channeling both a cockatoo and a flamingo. Not as much of a stretch for Cindy as you might expect, her grandfather on her mother's side was 80% flamingo thanks to a bizarre nuclear waste accident in the 1920s. You should totally look all of this up on Wikipedia. Truth is beauty and beauty can be lies made up to explain an incredibly sexy old woman's garish haircut. Put on your Mormon underpants, shame your wiener dog, and check out these awesome photos of stuff.

Thanks to Andrew Macpherson. for taking these awesome pics. Head over to his site for way more.


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