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Alisha Grauso

Let's be real. For as fantastic as the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been, and how we love them, I think we can all agree that the key to loving the films is in not looking at the plots too closely and embracing a willing suspension of disbelief (Incredibly flimsy motivation for Malekith the Accursed to destroy the universe? Uh, ignore that! Watch Loki being awesome!)...not that that's necessarily a bad thing.

Still, we kind of expect bonkers storylines with our comic book films, and the jolly jesters over at Cinema Sins have had field days with their good-natured skewering them. Next up, they tackle the original Thor film and everything wrong with it in under 8 minutes:


Honestly, a lot of what they poked fun at in the above video was everything we've all thought to ourselves at one point or another. But who cares? We were having too much fun watching Thor and Loki battle it out with each other.


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