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Just like Britney's 2004 meltdown or Beyoncé's fabulously floral pregnancy announcement, for decades to come people will look at the 2017 Academy Award's and ask: where were you when La La Land won and then lost Best Picture to Moonlight, live, on stage, for an excruciating 7 minutes?

Not missing a chance to milk this horrifically awkward moment for all its worth, the internet erupted in a tidal-wave of memes, sassy Tweets and slow-motion gifs to cement this epic Oscars fail deep into the history books of cringe. And now, even cinemas are getting in on the joke with London's Rio movie theatre playing an epic prank on its unsuspecting audience.

Just in case you somehow managed to miss it however, here's the delightful mixup moment in all its glory:

The Audience Paid For Moonlight, But They Got La La Land

As audience members took to their seats in Dalston's Rio Cinema in London for what they thought was a screening of the real Best Picture winner, Moonlight, as the lights dimmed, it was clear that the cinema projectionists were trolling them, hard.

As the curtains opened, the audience were treated to a 20 second clip of the La La Land trailer before it was abruptly stopped, and replaced by the scheduled feature of the evening, Moonlight.

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"It Would Have Been Quite Awkward If They Hadn't Got The Joke"

Worried that maybe the audience wouldn't understand that they had made a joke to mimic the Oscar's mixup, Andrew Woodyatt, Rio Cinema's General Manager told The Metro:

"It would have been quite awkward if they hadn't got the joke - but luckily they did. We played the beginning of one of the La La Land trailers which is not exactly like the opening of the film, but everyone in the audience were going 'hang on a moment, something's wrong here."

Not only did the audience get the joke, but they loved it — even clapping the projectionists for their sassy screening prank:

"We stopped it, made it look as though we made a mistake, and then started Moonlight. It got a huge round of applause and everyone loved it."

The Twitterverse Celebrated The Cinema's Moonlight Mixup Prank

Taking to the ceaseless blabbering mouth of the Internet, audience members celebrated Rio's prank by posting a series of appreciative Tweets — we do of course hope they waited until after the screening before turning on their phones.


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