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Hot off the heels of IFC permitting teenage audience to see the Palme d'Or-winning Blue Is The Warmest Color (and upsetting the Parents Television Council in the process), it was announced that Cinemark is, a Texas-based theater chain, is going against its own rule about not showing NC-17 films. As such, it's allowing one of its theaters in Evanston, Illinois to screen the French coming-of-age flick as part of a "one-theater test," according to a Cinemark rep.

Blue Is the Warmest Color has attracted a lot of negative publicity - everything from the terrible working conditions on the set to the author of the graphic novel blasting the film as "pornography." Still, it's one of the highest reviewed films of the year and is financially the most successful foreign film of the year.

Have of you guys in NYC or LA seen it? I'm currently in Berlin, so it's impossible for me to check this one out...

(news via THR)

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