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Word on the yellow-bricked streets is that Walt Disney Records will be releasing the soundtrack to Oz The Great and Powerful on March 5th, three days before the theatrical premiere of 's film. The Disney release of the -scored soundtrack will be entirely digital, while Intrada Records will handle releasing the physical edition.

The veteran Elfman, who has famously collaborated with director , is also a frequent Raimi collaborator. Oz will be the seventh Raimi film that Elfman has scored (the first two Spider-Man movies, Army of Darkness, etc).

You can click HERE to preorder your copy of the Oz: The Great and Powerful soundtrack, and go HERE to listen to audio clips (WARNING: They may contain spoilers).

Check out the cover art (left) and the track listing below:

  • Main Titles
  • A Serious Talk
  • Oz Revealed
  • A Strange World
  • Where Am I?/Schmooze-A-Witch
  • Fireside Dance
  • Meeting Finley
  • The Emerald Palace
  • Treasure Room/Monkey Business
  • China Town
  • A Con Job
  • Glinda Revealed
  • The Munchkin’s Welcome Song
  • Bad Witch
  • The Bubble Voyage
  • Great Expectations/The Apple
  • Meeting the Troops
  • What Army?
  • Theodora’s Entrance/A Puppet Waltz
  • A Threat
  • Bedtime/The Preparation Montage
  • Call to Arms
  • Destruction
  • Oz The Great and Powerful
  • Fireworks/Witch Fight
  • Time for Gifts
  • End Credits from Oz
  • Oz: The Great and Powerful, starring , , , and , hits theaters on March 8th.


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