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As we prepare to "come together, right now" for 's , the good and the bad of are tooling up to take on another apocalypse-defying attack on the cosmos. With an all-star cast of , , and , this year's ensemble film is the culmination of six years of work for the .

While the likes of and knuckle down to save the world, we already know that Cavill's will be making some sort of miraculous resurrection after 2016's Batman v Superman. The first-look trailer certainly gave us plenty to chew over, including a lighter tone than Snyder's previous films and some insane action sequences.

From taking down parademons on the battlefield to 's launching himself off the Batmobile, many were left in awe at the super-sized soirée. It seems that audiences aren't alone in their hype for Justice League, and the film's cinematographer has shared his favorite moment of the action.

Holy Cowl, Batman

More iconic than the return of the Man of Steel? Apparently so!

Taking to Instagram, Fabian Wagner revealed that the atmospheric shot of Affleck's Batman atop a skeletal statue was the pièce de résistance of his time on set:

It comes accompanied by the caption, “No doubt the most fun day I ever had shooting and one of my favorite shots." The Batman solo film may be all over the show, but at least Affleck appears to be back in training. Whatever happens, Justice League certainly seems to pit the Dark Knight at the center of the piece, giving Affleck a crucial role in proceedings. It looks like Bruce Wayne is the one who brings the heroes together to fight the supervillain Steppenwolf, while he also retains his usual stoic stance on crime fighting.

The shot certainly captures the essence of the Dark Knight, towering over us as he rains down his vigilante justice. It remains to be seen where the shot actually takes place, whether it be some far-off land of the gothic streets of Gotham City, but we should certainly look out for it.

Christian Bale took the character of a particularly melancholy turn with Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, while Snyder appears to carry on the tradition into the Affleck era. The Batman that we currently see on page and screen is a million miles away from Adam West's campy portrayal in the '60s series and is fully embracing the "black in the new black" mantra.

While we are sure to get some more amazing work from Wagner when Justice League hits cinemas in November, the cinematographer clearly enjoyed his time with the Caped Crusader.

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