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Spider-Man: Homecoming will continue to develop the mentor-mentee relationship Peter Parker and Tony Stark began in . Fans speculated as to what Stark's appearance will mean for the webslinger's ties to the larger , mainly The Avengers. Now, thanks to some previously unreleased concept art, we have a clue.

The final post-credits scene of Civil War was about Aunt May taking care of Peter, who received quite a beating from Scott Lang's Giant Man and Captain America himself. During that scene, Peter accidentally activated his web-shooter, which triggered the beloved Spider-Signal, courtesy of Tony Stark, from the comics.

The final cut of the film presented the gadget as a tease for Spidey's high-tech equipment in and nothing more. Well, hold on to your hats. The company that worked on the scene, Perception, released this piece of concept art, which shows that Tony Stark originally left a message for our favorite wall-crawler. Check it out:

In case you can't make out what is says:

"Swing by the tower. Got some new upgrades you should see."

The special message comes from Iron Man himself, so... what does it mean?

Does This Mean An Appearance From Other Avengers In 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'?

The biggest thing that comes to mind is Tony Stark may be trying to get Spidey acquainted with the rest of the Avengers. Considering the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist got a taste of what was coming to Earth thanks to Scarlet Witch in Age of Ultron, it's possible he's assembling a new team of powerful heroes, now that a lot of his friends are locked up and on the run, to repel the threat of Thanos.

Because of that, it's plausible we'll get cameos from other Avengers. Just two months ago, while production for Homecoming was underway, (Peter Parker) shared this through Instagram:

That particular Porsche building is used as The Avengers' headquarters and last month, Scarlet Johansson was spotted in Atlanta while filming for Homecoming was taking place; the reason for her being there was speculated to be for a small cameo. Another point that could suggest some of Earth's Mightiest Heroes could appear is in Ant-Man. The tiny superhero ran into Avengers HeQ during his solo movie as well and even fought Falcon, but Falcon's appearance was kept (mostly) secret before the film was released.

However, we have to remember this version of the post-credits scene was scrapped for a reason, so its purpose could be obsolete. could have wanted this version of the Spider-Signal to set up future events, but decided to leave an open storyline for Jon Watts.

Could Any Of Those "New Upgrades" Be The Iron Spider Suit?

That's the question on everyone's minds, isn't it? As disappointing as it may be for some, I don't think it's likely we'll see the armored Iron Spider suit make an appearance. Civil War made it basically pointless.

Spidey's classic suit was made by Tony Stark with all sorts of goodies and gadgets to help the young hero fight crime in a more efficient way. Therefore I doubt the would present a new suit for Spider-Man in his first movie that already does whatever the Iron Spider from the comics could do.

But could we see this Easter Egg play out in Homecoming? It's possible; we might even get a nod to it during the movie to set up what's going on but we shouldn't take that for granted. However, I have to give Marvel credit for setting up a storyline in such an awesome way. We just have to wait to see what ends up happening.

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