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Ever since the began in 2008, fans have been longing for a crossover between heroes like The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy and the Fox-owned X-Men and Fantastic Four. Sadly, throughout the years we've had various ups and downs regarding the possibility, but nothing set in stone.

While the relationship between Fox and Marvel Studios appears to be much better now compared to how things were just a year ago, there's still a big question mark above a crossover's chances.

But a beloved MCU actor just made that mashup a reality through a fun Twitter exchange...okay, kinda sorta at least. Who would be responsible for such a glorious tease, you impatiently ask? None other than fan-favorite , a.k.a. Agent Phil Coulson.

Over the weekend, Wolverine himself, , took to Twitter to share an impressive selfie of himself in Tahiti.

The tweet was captioned simply:


With Jackman's love for adventure and travel, the image was nothing out of the ordinary for the actor. Fans of , however, are surely familiar with the French Polynesia island and its sinister MCU background.

A Kree used in the Tahiti project [Credit: Marvel Television]
A Kree used in the Tahiti project [Credit: Marvel Television]

In the show, Phil Coulson was brought back to life after his unfortunate encounter with Loki. The thing is, the restoration process was truly horrific, scrambling his brain and undoing him, mentally. As a result, he was programmed to believe he'd simply gone to Tahiti for vacation, and hadn't actually, you know, died and been resurrected. But as that constructed mental defense started to break down, he began having strange visions and intense scribbling impulses related to the Kree (the species used to bring back to the land of the living).

With that kind of ominous backstory, Clark Gregg - the man who plays Coulson - responded to Hugh Jackman's tweet, warning the actor about the place's risky ventures:

Gregg also included the hashtag . Essentially, he's giving Jackman an idea of how his character could come back from the dead after his unfortunate encounter with his younger clone in Logan—much like the hashtag that was started by fans after his own character appeared to have died at Loki's hands in the first Avengers movie.

Now, we would all love for Hugh Jackman's to return, the circumstances proposed by the T.A.H.I.T.I. project would not be the best scenario. I mean, can we really blame Gregg for warning Jackman? He literally had his brain picked apart in that facility.

Given Wolverine's already tortuous past, it wouldn't be a good idea to add even more mind-scarring, brain-poking, alien-probing memories to that tragic portfolio.

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It's worth noting that this cute little interaction is probably the biggest Fox/MCU crossover we'll get for a while. Honestly though, it was so perfectly timed and all-around awesome that, even if a deal between the studios is never brokered, Clark Gregg's joke satisfied thousands of fans eager to see our favorite three-clawed mutant alongside the likes of Captain America, Spider-Man, and Black Widow.

What did you think about Clark Gregg's awesome crossover-worthy tweet to Hugh Jackman? Let me know in the comments!


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