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The classic children's novel Kensuke's Kingdom, written by famous author Michael Morpurgo, is about to be transformed into an animated film. This decision follows on after the previous stories, We're Going on a Bear Hunt and Ethel and Ernest, were turned into animations, becoming huge hits recently.

Speaking at the BFI and Radio Times Television Festival in London, the author himself revealed that planning to turn his novel into a feature film has already begun.

"We are going to make a full-length animated film. They've started now, and they took it to a festival in Bordeaux, and now the search is on for the money. I think it'll be made in about two years."

Is There A Trailer For The Feature-Film Yet?

Concept Art for 'Kensuke's Kingdom'
Concept Art for 'Kensuke's Kingdom'

It has been announced that the script for the production has been written by children's author — and writer — Frank Cottrell-Boyce. The production has reportedly been in the making for quite some time now, and apparently a 55-second trailer is the current proof of this production.

During the clip that was shown, a young boy and his dog fall overboard during their family sailing trip, where they intend to see the entire world. Following the boy and his dog's tragic fall, they become stranded on an island located in the Pacific ocean. They believe that they are all alone on the island, but it is actually the home of Kensuke, an old Japanese soldier.

There's currently no release date set in stone, but the feature film is expected to be a worldwide hit following the success of the novel.


Are you looking forward to this animation?

(Source: Radio Times)


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