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It's been over two months since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came out on DVD and Blu-ray, and since then, fans have really put the detective in DC Comics, sleuthing through every moment of footage to find all the Easter Eggs lurking there. And yet, even with everything they've unearthed so far, there are STILL new gems to be discovered.

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Clay Enos, the photographer for BvS, took to Twitter to start confirming some of the eggs that have taken a little longer to dig up.

Kryptonite Is Stored In Lead Containers

One fan asked if the "Pb" writing on the containers of kryptonite that Batman loads up on for the final battle meant lead, and the answer is... of course it does!

While kryptonite might be lethal for Superman, it's hardly vitamins to regular humans, as the radiation can be harmful in high doses. Storing it in lead containers as a precaution minimizes the risk of coming in contact with the substance.

The Janitorial Company Is Actually A Name From The Crew

Another fan with a keen eye for observation noticed that the name of the Janatorial company was identical to the name of Chris Terrio, one of the co-writers of BvS. Enos confirmed that yes, it certainly is an Easter Egg. The studio uses crew names from time to time because they're all "legally cleared," meaning they don't run the risk of copyright infringement for accidentally using someone else's name.

Well, technically he dubs it just a "half Easter Egg," but it's still pretty cool.

The Government ID Of The Mother Box That Created Cyborg Is Actually A Date

Cyborg first appeared in Tales of New Teen Titans in June, 1982, or rather 6/1982 — the exact ID number that appears on the Mother Box that formed him. Enos tweeted:

It is kind of an easy one, since we spotted it weeks ago. But it's still nice to know for sure!

Did you notice these Batman v Superman Easter Eggs already? Which Easter Eggs were your favorites?

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