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Fear Paris (previously known as Paris I'll Kill You) connects five "genre-bending" story lines digging into the dark side of the titular city.

Take a look at this awesome teaser trailer for the horror anthology from directors Joe Dante (Gremlins), Xavier Gens (The ABCs of Death), and Timo Vuorensola (Iron Sky):


With the golden combination of fantasy, horror and science fiction in there, this multi director led journey into cinema fantastique looks like it could really deliver. Definitely one for genre nerds.

Moon's production designer Tony Noble is on board alongside special effects artist Kristyan Mallet (Harry Potter), and VFX collaborators include Pixomondo (Hugo) and visual effects wizards Prime Focus (Gravity).

With such a shortage of information about the movie, and with exactly zero cast members confirmed, it's time to get the horror movie fanbase dialoguing again. What do you want from Fear Paris? Sound off below!

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