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Exactly one year ago, Marvel fans were shocked and delighted to learn that Marvel and Freeform were partnering together on a whole new series: Cloak and Dagger! Things went very quiet for a while, though, and we could be forgiven for getting concerned. After all, last year saw ABC cancel Agent Carter and pass on Marvel's Most Wanted.

Then, earlier this year, finally got to work on a pilot episode of Cloak and Dagger. Marvel chose an ethnically diverse cast, with Aubrey Joseph as Cloak and Olivia Holt as Dagger. The plot didn't take long to film, finishing off by late February, and then things went very quiet again. Fans could only watch and wonder — with the pilot filmed, would Freeform decide to commission the series?

It's Official: Cloak And Dagger Is ON!

Cloak and Dagger to the rescue! [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Cloak and Dagger to the rescue! [Credit: Marvel Comics]

In advance of this year's L.A. Screenings industry event, some entertainment insiders were given a chance to check out teasers from Disney Media Distribution and Lionsgate. These included (as-yet-undescribed) clips from Cloak and Dagger — and we finally got confirmation that the series is officially in progress, according to MIPBlog:

"The second Marvel show was Cloak & Dagger, a co-production between Marvel Television and ABC Signature Studios, which has already received a 10-episode order for the Freeform network in the US. “Cloak & Dagger is about character and emotion above all. It tells of a romance between Tandy and Tyrone in a way that we haven’t really seen before in a Marvel TV series,” said Endemano. "So think Romeo and Juliet though I can tell you that they won’t be dying at the end of the first episode!""

Given that the show isn't expected to air until 2018, I'm rather surprised that they're showing clips; it's possible that we'll be seeing Cloak and Dagger sooner rather than later. That said, I can't help noting that a 10-episode series seems a little short for ABC. Sure, Legion proved just how well a short series could perform, but ABC tends to book longer seasons. MCUExchange suggests they may be cautious due to the VFX budget.

What Can We Expect?

I'm seriously excited about Cloak and Dagger and delighted to see Marvel Television expanding its range. This promises to be a romantic superhero show like nothing we've seen before. As I've discussed in an earlier post, Cloak and Dagger are soulmates in the truest sense of the word; they're bound to one another, their powers and personalities warped so that each has a deep and desperate need of the other.

That said, the casting choices have suggested that the series will explore the characters' worlds a lot more than the comics have ever cared to. We know that friends and family members will play a major role, and that fits with the "Romeo and Juliet" idea discussed at the screening.

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Cloak and Dagger's pilot must have been strong enough to persuade ABC to run with the series. Sure, the first season is shorter than I'd expected, but by now we can trust Marvel to get its characters right far more often than not. Realistically, there's only one thing we need to take away from this: another Marvel show is definitely on the way, and that's reason to celebrate!


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(Source: MIPBlog, via MCUExchange; Poll Image Credit: Marvel Comics)


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