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Ever since bought out Lucasfilm way back in 2012, the question of what is and isn't Star Wars canon has been hotly debated. For the most part, everything other than the movies and the two animated shows Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels became non-canon or slowly added back in as newly accepted canon. That means the numerous books, comic books, video games, television shows, specials, and more were no longer part of the canonical Star Wars universe.

Unfortunately for fans, that meant that hundreds of beloved characters were no longer "real" and stood little chance of ever appearing in the main narrative ever again. That included all the characters from popular video game Knights of The Old Republic, one of whom was Darth Revan. Luckily for us, however, a recently surfaced video seems to confirm that the fan favorite Sith Lord might actually still be canon after all:

Although the sequence is largely underdone due to being a deleted scene from ' unaired 8th season, the video shows a Sith Lord speaking with the Son and it seemingly makes the important ancient character a part of the Star Wars universe.

So...Is Darth Revan Canon Now?

The short answer: maybe. It's hard to determine whether or not this video is proof that is rejoining the world of Star Wars. Since the clip was never finished and thus never aired, no one can say for certain whether the masterminds behind Star Wars still consider it canon. As Pablo Hidalgo, a creative executive with the Lucasfilm Story Group, informed us via Twitter last year, some deleted scenes from Clone Wars are canon and some aren't, but he didn't give us any way of figuring that out for ourselves. That being said, if he had his way, Revan would be:

(Sidenote: The "she" is a joke - Hidalgo has been quite vocal on Twitter about disliking when fans obsess so much about the minutiae of canon.)

So why then would this deleted scene be any different? What sets it apart and makes us almost certain Darth Revan is considered canon now?

'Rebels' Is Taking Us Back To The Mandalorian Wars

The video of the deleted scene didn't just surface by some former employee who happened to have a copy of it, it was actually published on the official YouTube channel. Sure, they could've just posted it because it's cool, but more likely it's to tease the upcoming revival of Darth Revan on the show.

In some of the recent episodes of the series, Rebels has talked a lot about the Mandalorian Wars, an ancient galactic war that had widespread effects. Darth Revan played a huge role in the conflict. In fact, his signature mask is that of a Mandalorian, and it was those wars that ultimately turned him to the Dark Side the first time.

Revan is an absolutely fascinating character and if Rebels is set to make him canon again it could have huge implications. For one, it would mean that there are/were Revanites at one point. The Revanites, also known as the Order of Revan, is whole separate group of Force users who are technically aligned with the Sith Empire, but rather than following the Dark Side, they attempt to balance the Light and the Dark.

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With this and Star Wars: Episode VIII getting an official title with , it's been a great week to be a Star Wars fan. Whether or not we see Darth Revan in future episodes of Rebels or if his Order will have any impact on future Star Wars installments is yet to be seen, but it makes me hopeful that we'll see even more expanded universe characters come back into canon in the near future.


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