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Even though The Walking Dead has traditionally been geared toward the male demographic (killing, zombies, more killing, weapons, etc.), the audience of the fairer sex has been growing and growing, drawn to the badass characters of the show like Rick () and Michonne () and, of course, Daryl Dixon (the inimitable ).

Clothing line Her Universe is hopping aboard that train and has announced a new line of Walking Dead clothing, geared specifically toward women. The line will feature characters, images, and phrases from the show and will include tops, leggings, hoodies, and dresses.

Said Her Universe founder, Ashley Eckstein

There is certainly an expanding fan base of women who faithfully watch 'The Walking Dead', and this collection of unique apparel and merchandise is targeted just for them. I am a huge fan of 'The Walking Dead' and I was thrilled with the opportunity to design Zombie fashion for fan girls. The story lines on this show are very emotional, compelling and addictive! As a fan, I am excited to have more apparel options made for women.

Other than the fact her seriously using the phrase "Zombie fashion" makes my eyeball twitch, because that is not a thing, so just stop, this is a pretty cool idea. There's certainly a built-in market for it, at any rate.

The clothing line will go on sale this summer (I just checked the website; it's not up yet) at San Diego Comic Com, select retail outlets, and

The Walking Dead returns to AMC in October.

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