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If you happened to stumble limply out of a Cloud Atlas showing in 2012, muttering between yawns, "Well, that was about an hour too long," you're in some pretty mighty company: China has cropped a good chunk out of the Warner Bros movie.

After censoring the latest 007 blockbuster Skyfall, nearly 40 minutes have been chopped from Cloud Atlas for Chinese audiences, deleting both gay and straight love scenes to satisfy local censors, despite moviegoers that increasingly express their annoyance at censorship.

The movie premiered Tuesday in Beijing in a red-carpet ceremony with actor and China's own , but won't start running in Chinese theaters until next Thursday. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the filmmaker's Chinese partners have slashed that version from the US runtime of 172 minutes to a pared-down 134 to eradicate the steamy scenes.

The Cloud Atlas filmmakers say they are confident their movie will retain its integrity despite being 38 minutes lighter, but I'm betting the producers aren't on cloud nine over this.

Do you think the censoring of Cloud Atlas is an affront to the filmmakers and the cast?


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