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Do you love horror movies about clowns? There's something about their horribly painted features that just give us the willies — or Coulrophobia as it's officially known. It's hardly surprising when freaky shit of this clown caliber is going down...

Obscure Clown Horror Movies

There's a high chance you haven't seen these hidden horror gems, so take a look to discover some lesser-known clowns.

1. Slashers (2001)

Clown crazy plot: In interesting take on the clown horror genre, with violent clowns and masked maniacs killing contestants on an extreme Japanese TV show.

2. S.I.C.K. Serial Insane Clown Killer (2003)

Clown crazy plot: A crazed clown attacks a bunch of kids camping in the woods.

3. Prank (2013)

Clown crazy plot: Three teenagers accidentally kill a bully... or did they? Now he's back and wants revenge.

4. Vulgar (2000)

Clown crazy plot: A clown who performs at kids' birthday parties is gang-raped by a bunch of madmen before taking his terrible vengeance in this bizarro flick from Kevin Smith.

5. He Who Gets Slapped (1924)

Clown crazy plot: A creepy silent movie horror starring Lon Chaney as a clown with a grudge against a perverted old count.

6. Funny Man (1994)

Clown crazy plot: A man wins a grand property in a poker game, but the games don't end there...

7. Final Draft (2007)

Clown crazy plot: A horror scriptwriter breaks down in his isolated writing space. Clowns ensue.

8. The Clown at Midnight (1999)

Clown crazy plot: Teens in peril as a deranged clown creeps up on them in a dilapidated opera house.

9. Carnival of Souls (1998)

Clown crazy plot: A little girl sees a clown rape and kill her mom, but her coulrophobia only increases as she grows older.

Clown Horror on TV

Why should horror movies have all the fun? Check out 5 times clowns terrified the small screen.

10. Episode: Fear House (2006)

Show: A Haunting

Clown crazy plot: There's something in the house... not so heavy on the clowns but there's a definite Poltergeist clown moment or six.

11. Episode: We All Scream for Ice Cream (2007)

Show: Masters of Horror

Clown crazy plot: The friendly local ice cream man is accidentally killed in a prnak gone wrong. Now he's back in town.

12. Episode: Who's Giggling Now? (2014)

Show: Deadtime Stories

Clown crazy plot: Two babysitters discover that the house they're in was once home to Giggles, the killer clown.

13. Episode: Monsters Among Us (2014)

Show: American Horror Story: Freak Show

Clown crazy plot: In the first of many episodes featuring Twisty the evil clown, townsfolk of Jupiter, Florida report tales of murder at the hands of a ghastly, deformed killer.

14. Episode: The Tale of Laughing in the Dark (1992)

Show: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Clown crazy plot: A kid who pinches a clown's nose soon regrets it when Zeebo the clown comes in search of his lost part. See also The Tale of the Crimson Clown in the same series.

'80s Clowns

The clown horrors of the '80s were particularly exuberant, embracing the colorful, giggling nature of the clown to marvelous horror effect.

15. Funland (1987)

Clown crazy plot: A clown mascot fired by the mob exacts his revenge.

16. Terror on Tour (1980)

Clown crazy plot: Rock band 'The Clowns' are framed for murder after a spate of killings committed by people dressed in their outlandish stage garb.

17. Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

Clown crazy plot: The name of the movie is kind of self-explanatory, no? Expect a sequel of sorts at some point in the next year or two.

18. Clownhouse (1989)

Clown crazy plot: Three escaped mental patients kill some clowns and steal their costumes, terrorizing a bunch of kids on the way. Notable in clown horror history for young star Nathan Forrest Winters's molestation lawsuit against director Victor Salva.

19. Blood Harvest (1987)

Clown crazy plot: Marvelous Mervo is a little clown with a grotesque grin... and townsfolk are turning up with their throats slashed.

20. Out of the Dark (1988)

Clown crazy plot: Workers at a phone sex company are stalked by a deranged clown.

Real Life Clown Horror Movies

Yup, these are things that actually happened in the real world. Lovely and terrifying knowing that evil clowns aren't just for horror movies, huh?

21. Down with Clowns (2013 Documentary)

Clown crazy plot: A brief history of the clown in horror from its roots in old European opera.

22. The Documentary of OzBo (2014)

Clown crazy plot: OK, so it's more of a mockumentary, but filmmakers investigating the legend of evil clown OzBo end up wishing they'd never started...

23. Killer Legends (2014)

Clown crazy plot: The creepiest urban legends are put under the microscope in this fascinating documentary - is there any truth to our clown horror nightmares?

24. Capturing the Friedmans (2003)

Clown crazy plot: What started as a short film about popular kids' clown David 'Silly Billy' Friedman became a harrowing full-length documentary when director Jarecki uncovered horrifying evidence of pedophilia within the Friedman family.

25. Gacy (2003)

Clown crazy plot: A fictionalized account of real life serial killer and performing clown 'Pogo', John Wayne Gacy, who famously quipped 'a clown can get away with murder'.

Clown Horror Movies Since 2000

The horror of clowns is being kept alive and well in the 20th Century... which is more than you can say for their victims.

Killjoy the clown, listed below
Killjoy the clown, listed below

26. Killjoy (2000)

Clown crazy plot: Kids vs an evil clown with a more urban setting than the deserted woods or plush houses usually seen in horror movies.

27. House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

Clown crazy plot: Traveling teenagers in the Texas boonies fall victim to a clan of killer rednecks, including the vicious clown Captain Spaulding.

28. The Devil's Rejects (2005)

Clown crazy plot: In the sequel to Rob Zombie's beloved House of 1000 Corpses, the Firefly clan continue their murderous rampage.

29. 100 Tears (2007)

Clown crazy plot: Two journalists are tracking crazed serial killer Gurdy the clown... and they find him.

Gurdy the clown in '100 Tears'
Gurdy the clown in '100 Tears'

30. Drive Thru (2007)

Clown crazy plot: OK, you know a movie is gonna be great fun when this is what IMDB has to say for it:

Horror gets Super Sized when Horny The Clown, the demonic mascot of "Hella-Burger," starts slashing Orange County teenagers with his meat cleaver from Hell.

31. Amusement (2008)

Clown crazy plot: Three women are sadistically taunted by a killer with a grudge that began in their shared childhood.

Evil clown in 'Amusement'
Evil clown in 'Amusement'

32. The Last Circus (2010)

Clown crazy plot: A young circus performer is torn between love and lust —and two different clowns. Unfortunately for her, both Sergio the Happy Clown and Javier the Sad Clown are both equally deranged.

33. Scary or Die (2012)

Clown crazy plot: A credible horror anthology with one portion focussing on Emmett, a man who finds himself transforming into a repulsive killer clown.

Emmett the clown in 'Scary or Die'
Emmett the clown in 'Scary or Die'

34. Stitches (2012)

Clown crazy plot: A clown is accidentally killed at a kid's birthday party. Years later, he returns to brutally murder all of the kids involved in his death.

35. All Hallow's Eve (2013)

Clown crazy plot: What would you do if you found a creepy old VHS tape of a blood-spattered clown killing innocent people?

Art the clown in 'All Hallows' Eve'
Art the clown in 'All Hallows' Eve'

36. Circus of the Dead (2014)

Clown crazy plot: A clown fond of posing horrendously difficult ethical questions tortures a man who comes across his circus.

37. Clown (2015)

Clown crazy plot: A man dresses up in a clown costume for his son's birthday. Gradually, the suit begins to fuse to his skin and unleash something dark and ancient within him.

Permanent clownhood in Eli Roth's 'Clown'
Permanent clownhood in Eli Roth's 'Clown'

38. 31 (2016)

Clown crazy plot: Rob Zombie's highly anticipated horror sees carnival workers forced to play a game with a gang of mad clowns. The only rule? Survive.

Rob Zombie's upcoming '31'
Rob Zombie's upcoming '31'

39. Clown Town (2016)

Clown crazy plot: A bunch of buddies are attacked by clown-painted lunatics. Guess that town wasn't quite as deserted as it seemed...

... and the best Clown Horror Ever:

40. IT (1990)

Clown crazy plot: Simply the best! Stephen King's tale of kids being terrified by lunatic clown Pennywise — played by the inimitable Tim Curry — is unbeatable.

What's your favorite horror movie about clowns?

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