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Remember last year when loonies from all over the country were dressing up like clowns and scaring the living shit out of passers by? Well combine that with the paranormal and it looks like the team behind insane new clown horror Clowntergeist have come up with one terrifying new evil.

Clowntergeist [Source: High Octane Pictures]
Clowntergeist [Source: High Octane Pictures]

From director Aaron Mirte and taglined as "the reason you're afraid of clowns," Clowntergeist follows Emma (Brittany Bellard) — a student with a crippling phobia of (you guessed it) clowns. After she receives a balloon with a time and date scrawled across it, Emma realizes she has two days to save herself, coming face-to-face with her worst fears. Not only that, but an evil spirit is lurking without the body of this murderous clown, making this foe far more than Chuckles.

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Billed as meets Poltergeist, Clowntergeist (get it) has yet to be given a general release date, but it did air at the AFI Fest last November. If you were a fan of Rob Zombie's 31, and need a little tipple to tie you over until the It remake hits theaters, why not put your to one side and check out when it comes out later this year.


Are you afraid of clowns?

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]


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