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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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Ugh, as if! A major new discovery is currently turning everything we knew about Clueless upside down and leaving us feeling overwhelmed with a sense of ickiness. There's nothing worse than revealing a new truth about someone you thought you knew, so let's take this slow.

The Half-Truth Of Cher's Name:

Firstly, let us just cast our minds back to Clueless protagonist Cher discussing the inspiration behind both her and her best friend Dionne's names:

While this is undoubtedly true, with fishnet body stocking Cher peddling her perfume ‘Uninhibited' and Dionne Warwick endorsing the ‘Psychic Friends Network,’ Clueless Cher, wasn’t exactly telling us the whole truth about her full name.

It's All In The Report Card:

Known as Cher Horowitz throughout the 1995 coming of age classic, a continuity error has surfaced which throws all of this into jeopardy. In the scene where Cher shows her dad her report card, it clearly states that Cher’s last name isn’t Horowitz at all, but Hamilton. Not only that, before Cher shows her father the report, he throws an envelope in the bin which is addressed to a "Melvin Hamilton."

Do we, like, even know who Cher is at all?

Why Cher's Tartan Outfit Hints At Her True Ancestry

Why Cher made the jump from Hamilton, a Scottish name originating in the thirteenth century to Horowitz, a name which originates from one of the most illustrious rabbinic families in Jewish history remains unclear. However, one of Cher's most iconic outfits just so happens to be a yellow tartan plaid skirt and matching blazer which is very possibly paying tribute to her true 'Hamilton' Scottish roots.


Is Cher's tartan outfit a huge easter egg revealing her true Scottish heritage?


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