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Tino Jochimsen

After having put a failed folk singer in the spotlight in the beautful Inside Llewyn Davis, the Coen Brothers are changing their tune for their next project... well, a bit anyway.

In an interview with the rather great French movie magazine Positif, the American filmmakers stated that they were working on a new scenario. And better yet, they gave a little plot outline:

The yet untitled project is to be set in the 1950s and centers on a failed opera singer (!) whose family manages a big brewery in the Midwest.

Don’t break into a spontaneous aria, though, as the Brothers cautioned that they didn’t know yet if the script would indeed end up as a movie.

The project sounds like a winner for a number of reasons one of them simply being that it’s a Coen Brothers movie. But the short outline makes it sound like something in between Cat on the Hot Tin Roof and George Stevens' Giant – and who wouldn’t want the Coens to do their version of a big, teary, Midwest-set family saga!

But I am getting ahead of myself.

How about you?


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