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Jennifer Geacone-Cruz

Remember how great the award-winning adaptation of 's The Stand was? OK, so The Tommyknockers and The Langoliers weren't the greatest, but there's something about his stories that lets even a mediocre adaptation be something to look forward to. The latest King adaptation in the works, the 13-episode CBS Under the Dome, has picked up some speed by adding to its roster.

According to Deadline, Ford will be joining the cast as one of a group of people trapped beneath an invisible dome that suddenly isolates their town. He will be playing a teenager who is "a very smart kid who’s understandably freaked out when he discovers that the mysterious barrier covers the whole town — and both his parents are outside of it".

Ford most recently did guest appearances on NBC's Revolution, and co-starred with as his son in We Bought A Zoo. With big names like , , and Danish director of the original Swedish-language The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, behind the mini-series, it could be another Stephen King adaptation destined for critical acclaim.

Under the Dome starts on Monday, June 24th at 10pm ET on CBS.


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