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Jurassic World 2 is throwing its own Throwback Thursday by bringing back one of the dinosaur franchise's original characters. Sadly, it is not Jeff Goldblum, however, we are going back to the start to bring back a fan-favorite monster for 's upcoming jurassic jaunt. Joining B.D. Wong as the only returning cast member from 's 1993 classic, Bayona is currently brushing the teeth of Rexy the T-Rex — that's right, boys and girl, slip on your high heels and start running.

Digging Up The Past

'Jurassic World' [Credit: Universal]
'Jurassic World' [Credit: Universal]

Those who tuned in for 's in 2015 will know that Rexy already had her return in lights, but with seeming to move away from Isla Nublar, we thought Rexy would finally be free to roam the park without bother. Although the director is busy over in the world of Star Wars for Episode IX, he still co-wrote the screenplay for JW2 and announced Rexy's surprise return on Twitter:

We already know that 's Owen and 's Claire have signed on from Jurassic World, and will be joined by newcomers like Toby Jones, Rafe Spall, and James Cromwell. Rexy's casting won't be too much of a stretch though, we just need to whip out 1993's animatronics and ramp up the CGI. Does Rexy's return mean that we will go back to the infamous island again, or will she find herself moved to a new home? Certainly, returning to atmospheric T-Rex chases in thunderstorms would fit Bayona's promise for a darker and scarier tone for the sequel.

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Rexy Beast

'Jurassic Park' [Credit: Universal]
'Jurassic Park' [Credit: Universal]

The formidable T-Rex was a huge part of Spielberg's first film, famously throwing Sam Neill into her enclosure, saving the film's finale from velociraptors, and chowing down on the local petting zoo's population of goats. Rexy then returned for another final-chapter showdown in Jurassic World, meaning that the sequel will mark her third installment in the franchise. How will Bayona top taking down an Indominus Rex this time around?

As the first film in the "new" chapter of Jurassic films, Jurassic World made a killing at the box office and it was no surprise that a sequel was announced for 2018. However, as the date looms closer, and with rumors of weaponized dinosaurs, bigger hybrids, and a move off island, it is still anyone's guess what will actually happen.

But, could Jurassic World 2 also showcase the twilight of Rexy's years? According paleontologists (sadly, Ross Geller was unable to comment), T-Rexes usually lived to be around 30 years old. With the Jurassic Park franchise now at an impressive 24 years, Rexy is a veritable retiree.

'Jurassic World 2' [Credit: Universal]
'Jurassic World 2' [Credit: Universal]

So far, we have only a brooding picture of a little girl staring at some dinosaur bones, but fans are desperate to "dig up" more news on the fifth Jurassic film. There are no "bones" about it, Jurassic World 2 promises to be one of the best films of 2018.

Check out the special effects of the original Jurassic Park and don't forget our poll below!

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