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Universal sure is a "clever girl" with managing to rescue the Jurassic Park franchise from being wiped out and steering it on a bold new course with 's Jurassic World in 2015. Hoping to cash in on the success of the first four films, is once again giving us some more prehistoric peril as we prepare for . As well as getting a first poster and a fancy new title, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hopes to be a faithful homage to what has come before it.

Although Bayona may be the director, Trevorrow is still signed on from the first film as a producer, so has some pretty big decisions to make behind the scenes. Already making up for a pretty lame 2016, this year was made slightly better by the news that would be reprising his role as Dr. Ian Malcolm for the first time in 20 years, but now Trevorrow has spoken out about why a certain someone sadly didn't make the cut for the sequel.

A Whole New World

Remembering back to Jurassic World, Jake Johnson played the wisecracking nerd Lowery Cruthers. Although he didn't get the girl, Lowery became the lovable and hapless hero of the piece and the one who stayed behind to help Owen and Claire defeat the island's beasts. Beating most to make it off Isla Nublar alive, we were sad to hear Lowery wouldn't be back for more death-defying escapes from the jaws of dinosaurs. Speaking to Den of Geek, Trevorrow has now revealed why Lowery won't be returning for round two:

"He's not in 'Jurassic World 2' for the same reason that any other actor would be excluded from a movie. Unless we can find a genuine, organic way to make it not seem like he's in it because he was a great character in a previous film."

Fallen Kingdom looks to be taking the action away from the lush greenery of Costa Rica and perhaps into a more urban environment, so it kind of makes sense. Unless Lowery was recruited by the nefarious InGen, its true that his appearance wouldn't really make any sense. Sure, The Lost World: Jurassic Park brought back Dr. Malcolm (as will Fallen Kingdom), but he had firsthand knowledge on how to doge the dinos. Lowery was effectively safely tucked up in the control room while everyone else was clawed by carnivores, so wouldn't be much help in a crisis.

Never Say Never

While Lowery is no Alan Grant, and he is certainly no Dr. Ian Malcolm, he added some much-needed comic relief to Jurassic World, effectively playing a more likable Dennis Nedry from 's original. Sure, Lowery may not be searching for the fallen kingdom, but Trevorrow also didn't rule out his return in the presumed future of the franchise:

"It doesn't mean he'll never be back, and I've had conversations with almost all of the actors going back to the previous films about how important their legacies are to these movies, and yet also how important it is to continuously change and evolve them into something new."

Interestingly, does this mean that Trevorrow is tipping his fedora to Dr. Alan Grant? Although Sam Neill claimed that his crotchety archeologist is probably dead by now, Ian Malcom's return has shown that we should never say never to Dr. Grant having a retirement runaround with a T-Rex one last time. Other Jurassic alumni include Laura Dern, Vince Vaughn, and William H. Macy, while even the child stars who played Tim, Lex, or Kelly, would be a welcome addition to more Jurassic installments.

Just as Jurassic World returned to its roots with Easter Eggs galore and a tour of the visitor center from 1993's film, Fallen Kingdom will be keeping itself tied to the past. We already know that B.D. Wong will be reprising his role for the second time as Dr. Henry Wu, while James Cromwell's new addition will be as the former business partner of the park's creator, John Hammond.

It is great to note that Universal is looking at the new era of the franchise as more of an arc, rather than just the disjointed efforts of the original trilogy. With the "World" series also planned as three films, there is still time for Lowery to wear his "I survived" T-shirt in Jurassic World 3. Certainly, if the hype surrounding the series continues at the rate that it is, there are no chances of the franchise going extinct anytime soon. Balancing the perfect mix of nostalgia, horror, and sci-fi, here's hoping that life, er, finds a way again, and again, and again!

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