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If there's one constant in the Arrowverse, it's how the showrunners keep finding new and exciting ways to return characters to the shows. Take, for example, Colton Haynes' character Roy Harper. Roy, who started out as a mere love interest for Thea, soon became Oliver's first sidekick Arsenal. However Harper soon had to impersonate the Hood and fake his death, which lead to him leaving Star City for good. Since then we've met Roy only once more in Season 4, but it's fair to say that his presence has been felt every season. Now it looks like we will see the return in Arrow's highly anticipated sixth season.

Just recently the American Horror Story actor took to Twitter to confirm his appearance in the six season, bringing joy to a lot of the Arrow fans.

A fan favorite from very early on, Roy Harper was the first person to be inspired by Oliver Queen's bow-and-arrow-clad vigilante, and he assisted Green Arrow in both of his missions against Deathstroke and Ra's Al Ghul. Colton Haynes stated in an interview just last year that he loved playing Arsenal on The CW show. He also expressed hopes to return to Arrow sometime in the future:

"Working for Greg [Berlanti] was the greatest experience of my life, and when he offered me Arrow, it was a new beginning for me, I would love to do more. They know I love them. I’d go back in a second."

'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

Haynes' close relationship with architect has even landed him a role in Greg Berlanti's upcoming film, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. The actor has also become quite good friends with the cast, and while attending the 2016 Heroes And Villains Fan Fest, Stephen Amell admitted:

"I miss Colton Haynes' handsome face every single day. If we end this show, whenever it happens to end, without seeing Roy Harper again, I think we will have made a tragic mistake."

'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

Roy Harper is returning at a very pivotal moment not just for The CW-based Arrowversem, but for DC as a whole. Arsenal is a big part of the in some iterations, and since it's rumored that the upcoming streaming series will be connected to the Arrowverse too, Haynes' arrival may set up an arc in Arrow that could be continued in the upcoming Titans webseries. Arrow is expected to raise the stakes this year, with a whole group of villains (including Richard Dragon!) going after Green Arrow and his team.

Roy's return could also effectively put the theory that he is the Vigilante to rest once and for all, as the show is also set to solve the mystery of Vigilante's identity in Season 6. And it's certainly going to be great to see Speedy and reunited once again. Their relationship was a big part of the early Arrow seasons, and although they parted ways mutually, who knows, maybe we'll get a definitive ending for their arc when the series brings back .

Are you excited about Colton Haynes' return to Arrow?

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