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has never been one to be kind to the White House and other iconic landmarks, completely destroying them more often than not in his films. From the teaser trailers and stills we've seen so far, it doesn't appear as if the director is straying from that path for upcoming action thriller White House Down, starring and .

Tatum plays John Cale, a D.C. cop who goes on an interview for his dream job, Secret Service agent to the President (Foxx). When he is rejected for the job, but not wanting to let his little girl down, he decides to take her on a tour of the White House, when it is taken over by a terrorist group. Now, with the government in chaos and time ticking down, it's up to Cale to save not only his daughter, but the President himself.

If this were a romantic comedy, we'd find out that Cale orchestrated the whole wacky plot in order to get close to the President. But it's not, so instead, the new full-length trailer just released shows us a lot more guns and violence, and continues to build on the buddy film vibe we've already seen from the first few teasers:

Sidestepping the obvious need to employ a willing suspension of disbelief here, one thing is pretty obvious: Ronald Emmerich really, really hates the architecture of Washington, D.C.


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