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Comedian Charlie Murphy passed away on Wednesday, April 12, 2017, TMZ reported on Wednesday. He had battled leukemia for quite some time and undergone chemotherapy. He is best known for his work on the acclaimed sketch comedy series Chappelle's Show.

Charlie Murphy, the older brother of actor Eddie Murphy, was beloved by his fans, as well as by his fellow comedians and coworkers. Murphy’s True Hollywood Story sketches on are iconic works of satire, and made a huge impact on the comedy landscape.

Charlie Murphy's Career

Before his lengthy career in Hollywood, Charlie Murphy served in the U.S. Navy for six years as a boiler technician. After he was discharged, Charlie decided to follow in his brother’s footsteps.

Charlie Murphy would become a household name in 2004 with his first appearence on Chapple's Show. The series served as a launchpad for Charlie Murphy to share past experiences with pop-culture icons such as Prince and Rick James, and they became recurring cornerstones of the show. Murphy’s raw energy and knack for storytelling made him a great stand-up comedian, but he was also an accomplished writer as well.

Charlie Murphy penned the scripts for Norbit and Vampire in Brooklyn, as well as being one of the creative forces behind Chappelle's Show. Murphy’s innate humor allowed him to be a prolific actor, with roles on Black Jesus, CB4, The Boondocks and Power.

He is survived by three children. His wife of 12 years, Tisha Taylor Murphy, died from cancer in 2009. "You’re never really okay, you just learn to live with it," Charlie Murphy told Vibe in 2010. "That’s something monumental, losing somebody that close in your life. It happened to my children and me; you don’t get used to [it] and you don’t get over it."

Fans And Friends Remember Charlie Murphy

At the news of Murphy's passing, many of his fans and friends took to social media to remember the late comedian, and to share the joy that he gave through his sketches:

Charlie Murphy's close friend and fellow Chappelle's Show writer, Neal Brennan, sent out his love for Murphy, and commented on the impact Murphy had on his life:

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It is a tragedy that he was taken at a young age. Thanks to all of his brilliant and hilarious work, Charlie Murphy’s talent will live on, and fans will always remember him.

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