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Gerry Mtz

As a few of you know, I'm a filmmaking student highly inspired by all the superhero movies. A while ago I posted 2 episodes of a Webseries talking about a fictional supervillain called "Azra".

For those who enjoyed the first two parts, here's the 3rd episode in which we see the master plan of Azra to take over the whole city. This time, the main inspiration was The Dark Knight, Man Of Steel, V for Vendetta.

Stay tuned for next episode, where we will reveal a very special appareance!

Hope you enjoy the production and appreciate the great effort we've put into this but don't forget to like and express yourselves down in the comment section!

Part 3: (Click 'captions' to turn on English subtitles) [[yt:FtyPV3St4lU]]

And for those who want to watch the other episodes:

Part 1: [[yt:8bn1D7H1J3U]]

Part 2: [[yt:pmvgIleDgmM]]


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