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Gerry Mtz

I'm a filmmaking student currently working on my first big project. My friends and I decided to develop a new villain from scratch (if you could say so). We based our character on storylines from characters like V, Wolverine, Zod, and Bane, to name a few.

The entire storyline and development of the series is a huge tribute to the dazzling comic adaptations in the film industry. Since the story attracted the attention of my university, they decided to incorporate it in an event called Congreso RED3. The series is composed of four episodes telling the origin story of our villain.

The first episode came out on June 29 and you can watch it right here. Guess what movie we used as an inspiration to introduce our character?


Stay tuned for the next episodes and be sure to check out some news, photos and exclusive videos here on Moviepilot about the development of the project!

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