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is nothing more than a misunderstood artist. His antics may have been questionable, like the time he went and had a Shia LaBeouf marathon. Some call it narcissistic, but I say it was appreciation of one's work. Or the time he released the “Just Do It" motivational video and received heavy criticism. I don’t know about you, but it got me going to the gym, and I even bought me some Nikes. Thank you Shia and Phil Knight, pay the man.

Just think back, back when you loved Shia. This guy tickled our funny bone on Even Stevens, playing the comedic mischievous little brother Louis Stevens. Shia then went on to conquer Hollywood and successfully transition from child star into a successful adult star. No, I’m not talking about Nymphomaniac. Speaking of which:

I just read some news about Shia LaBeouf tying the knot with Nympho co-star Mia Goth — congratulations! Now that he's found his perfect match in life, it's about time he finds his comic book soulmate. What I mean is — it's time Shia gets out there and searches for the perfect comic cinema role, whether it be as a hero or villain. If he needs some help, Movie Pilot has a list of the best roles the newlywed can find himself married to.

6. Richard Rider / Nova

Like many fans, I’ve been patiently waiting for Nova to get properly introduced into the MCU. Unfortunately, we haven’t received any reward for tolerance. However, I think we are getting close to the possibility of Nova on the big screen thanks to . Nova was just an average kid stuck in purgatory until a member of the Nova Corp bestowed upon him the power of the Nova Force. Thus, Richard Rider became Nova, the Rocket.

Shia is perfect for the role of Richard Rider’s Nova, who is set to reclaim the mantle of Nova in Marvel Now. If nothing else, Shia can be the charismatic hero that initially struggles with his newfound power. You can point at roles like Disturbia, I Robot, or Indianan Jones to draw a linear comparison to what a Shia-lead Richard Rider Nova could look like. There is no question that when asked to carry a movie, Shia can do it, like he did with the franchise. As Nova, we’d get to see his comedic side.

5. Kyle Rayner / Green Lantern

Like Shia, Kyle Rayner wasn’t exactly on the good side of fans. When the fifth was introduced, fans weren’t very receptive of the way DC tossed aside Hal Jordan’s legacy in favor of this new guy. Kyle was given the Lantern power after Hal Jordan went ape crazy becoming Parallax and destroyed the entire Green Lantern Corps. Luckily for the universe, Ganthet was the lone survivor and passed his power down to Kyle. Kyle, like many heroes, found it a bit difficult to control his powers, but he eventually ascended to become a White Lantern.

Much like Nova, the youthfulness and boyish charm that Kyle possesses would bode well for a Shia LaBeouf depiction. In Rayner's case, he’s an artist, so it’ll allow Shia to bring a more dramatic and emotional take to the hero. Having Alexandra Dewitt as a love interest would also work well for Shia, who displays great chemistry with his co-stars. There is already talk of a potential Green Lantern movie that would feature more than one Earth Green Lantern

4. Logan / Wolverine

There is no need to introduce a character so popular and beloved as . In fact, we’ll get to see the sendoff film on March 3, 2017

Fans may argue (and rightfully so) that X-23 should and very well may replace Hugh Jackman as the lone adamantium-infused X-Men. However, Logan plays a major part in what makes the X-Men the X-Men. I also believe there is room for Wolverine even if he isn’t as highly advertised or marketed like Hugh’s version. A younger version of our favorite clawed mutant would be perfect for this new, younger cast of X-Men, and he doesn’t have to steal the spotlight from other members.

3. Grant Wilson / Ravager

Grant Wilson, also known as the first Ravager, was an angry child who grew to be an even angrier man. He enlisted in the army like his father, whom he both idolized and hated. His story really becomes interesting after a destroyed apartment (thanks to Starfire), a run-in with the Titans, and a girlfriend who didn’t want him, consequently leaving him with nothing

Shia’s versatility makes enables him to play an antagonist and protagonist. Playing a rich, militant, angered bad guy isn’t a stretch for Shia. He’s proven in that he can tap into a darker, grittier side, which is perfect for Deathstroke’s son. As Deathstroke continues to become such a huge player in the DCEU it’ll be cool to explore the rest of his family, which includes his son Grant. Who better than Shia to play the role?

2. Jason Todd / Red Hood

Oddly enough, the amount of fan support the internet villain has received contradicts that very stigma. Fans have petitioned Warner Bros. to cast the Fury actor as Jason Todd and I have to agree. The deranged and vengeful second Robin turned Red Hood would make an epic movie antihero in a future sequel, and there aren’t many actors better than Shia to stand toe-to-toe with .

1. Johnny / X

Taking a stroll on the dark side — away from the ever so popular Marvel and DC — comes X of Dark Horse comics. Johnny became X after a vortex opened up and infected those who came in contact with it. As a child, he was injected with the infected blood of his father, giving him great power. After a raid on his house, he and his father were left for dead. Somehow, he managed to escape the burning house. Unfortunately, he had been severely burned and had no recollection of who he was. Though he healed at a remarkable rate, his memory never came back to him and he was forced to become a ward of the state.

Johnny would grow up to become the vigilante of Arcadia who wasn’t afraid to kill. X would mark his victim with one slash as a warning sign. Once they were caught again he’d mark them with another one, forming an X, signifying their demise. The supernatural hero possesses a regeneration factor, enhanced strength, agility, with the skills of a marksman, proficiency in unarmed combat, and master sword skills.

X may be an unknown hero among casual comic book fans, but he has enough of a story that would make for a fantastic movie. With the yearning for R-rated comic films like Deadpool and potentially Logan, X is perfect for it. Shia is unique in his ability to be versatile. With the creative freedom a writer and director would have with X and Shia’s ability, a movie based on this dark hero could be gold.

Hate him or love him (I assume most of you hate him), you can’t deny his talent. Maybe you can, but then you’ll just be lying to yourself. The man the net loves to hate has a post-apocalyptic war movie dropping December 2, 2016 titled Man Down. Fortunately for all of us LaBeoufers, we don't have to wait that long to see him in action. You can check Shia LaBeouf out in Andrea Arnold’s US debut in her coming-of-age drama . Watch the trailer below:


Do you think there is room in comic cinema for the great Shia LaBeouf?


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