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DC and Marvel have recently done a stellar job when it comes to adapting bizarre and obscure characters like Doctor Strange, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Suicide Squad for the big screen. It would seem that every character and story is now ripe for adaptation. While that's true for the most part, there are some characters that comic book fans will tell you are impossible to adapt. These characters may work on page or in animation but certainly not in live action. This is especially true when it comes to the villains.

8. Polka-Dot Man

He's a dude who can utilize and manipulate multicolored dots that are attached to his catsuit. Need I say more? Even The CW would say no to this guy, and that's the network that took on Music Meister. Even for the Silver Age of Comic Books, this guy was a complete joke, illustrated by the fact he only appeared in 20 issues since his premiere in 1962. I highly doubt even Hollywood has the talent to successfully reboot him in any way that would make him cool.

7. Mole Man

Remember the Underminer from the end of The Incredibles? Well, give that character stupid protective glasses and no personality other than the classic "I'm going to destroy the world because everyone bullied me" trope we've seen dozens of times before and you've got Mole Man. What's the most important trait of a villain? To be threatening. Even 's most bland villains like Malekith the Accursed and Ronan the Accuser have their moments of intimidation, but the Mole Man? I can't think of any version from the comics where he felt like the tiniest bit of a threat.

6. Dex-Starr

While this character is surprisingly awesome and boasts a backstory that would make the manliest of men cry their eyes out, I highly doubt a blue and red cat with a ring on his tail could be portrayed in live action and come across as epic. It would be a floating CGI feline that would only make audiences laugh. So, if the upcoming movie brings in the Red Lanterns, don't expect Dex-Starr to make an appearance.


MODOK has had his ups and downs with his portrayals in the comics, but let's face it: We're never going to see this guy appear in the . And it's all down one reason: his look. There is no chance that Marvel could pull off any design of MODOK because he's too comical looking, even at his best. True, he could just be made into an A.I. property, but then you'd be taking away what made MODOK so unique in the source material.

5. Music Meister

Don't get me wrong, I love the Music Meister in all of his corny glory, but there is no way we'll be seeing him in the DC Extended Universe, simply because I can't see an adventure where Ben Affleck's Batman breaks out in song. The CW — embracing a more cheesy, comic book mood — was able to do this character some modicum of justice, but the 's tone simply would not allow it; perhaps a reference or Easter Egg, but never a full-fledged appearance.

3. Ventriloquist

This is a truly disturbing character whose appearance in episodes of Batman: The Animated Series made them feel more like psychological thrillers, but could this character be done in the new movies? I don't think so. You can't make an audience scared of an old dude (or the femme fatale version) with a puppet, nor could a feature-length movie be made with the character as the main antagonist.

2. The Marvel Zombies

As a huge fan of the classic George A. Romero, Dan O'Bannon and Tom Savini zombie films, would I love to see Marvel Zombies in live action? Hell to the yes! Will it ever happen? No freaking way. Why? Simple: Marvel films are for kids. Marvel doesn't want to traumatize its biggest audience by showing its favorite heroes as flesh-eating ghouls.

1. Mister Mxyzptlk

This one is a dead giveaway because he is the definition of a Silver Age character, in that he's corny to the max. Unless you give his design a complete overhaul (even then, just like with MODOK, you'd be taking away a memorable look), there is no way you could bring this character in to go up against Henry Cavill's Superman.

There are many obvious villains, like Catman or Orca from DC, but I wanted to give you ones that are more famous in the comics. Can Hollywood portray these villains or do you agree they should stay out of the superhero cinematic universes? Let us know your thoughts down below.


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