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is a time when we talk about all the things we're thankful for — family, friends, health, wealth, all of that good stuff. Another thing I'm always thankful for is a means to escape reality. There was a time where I used to grab 10 comic book titles a week and be happy with at least nine of them. But as you get older and start to have responsibilities, your comic consumption starts to dwindle. So when you do spend money on comic books, they had better be good. 2016 has been very hit or miss. Even so, there have been some amazing stories released this year and I'd like to share with you some of the comic book titles that I am absolutely thankful for.

1. Infamous Iron Man

Doctor Doom went from being the ruler of worlds and a god during Secret Wars to the ruler of the small fictional European country Latveria. A lesser man would look at this as a step in the wrong direction, but Victor Von Doom, being the man that he is, took this new moment (along with his new face) and used it as the opportunity to become a new supervillain.

Despite all of his shenanigans over the years, Doom only had the world's best interests at heart, only wanting it to thrive and be peaceful. Maybe getting everything he wanted and becoming the ruler and god he thought he should be made him realize that there is more to protecting the world than just being a dictator and crushing people under his heel.

We are only two issues in, but this book has a ton of potential. Doom has not changed his personality; he is still a narcissist who thinks he knows better than everyone else. He still has his genius intellect and his mystic abilities, but now he has all of that on top of his tech and is running around as . Of course, it is going to take a while for people to warm up to Doom changing his ways (especially S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Ben "The Thing" Grimm). Hopefully this is an ongoing thing and not a short run.

2. Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

The Ultimate universe is no longer a thing. A few of the character from that universe are now part of the normal universe. One of them is the new and extremely popular character Miles Morales. Miles was given Peter Parker's blessing to carry on the mantle of and has run with it ever since. He's faced a lot of the same problems Peter did, like not being able to tell the people he loves his secret identity, trying to balance school and being a superhero, and also trying to maintain any of his non-super people relationships.

This book has everything — a great story written by a great writer (Brian Michael Bendis), great artwork (Sara Pichelli), cameos from some of Marvel's great characters (Luke Cage, , Spider-Man), and a ton of funny moments, all while dealing with social issues in the real world. Miles has become a star seemingly overnight and this is only the beginning of his time in the big leagues.

3. Injustice League Year 5

's resistance had been fighting Superman's Regime for five years. With the exception of a few members (, , and ) Batman's team had switched sides, quit the fight all together, or were killed in action. But Batman still remained hopeful that he could eventually take down Superman despite his hold on the world. It wasn't until the death of Alfred that Batman realized how dire the situation was. Superman was no longer the man he knew and had to be stopped.

This series ends where the video game begins. With the heroes from another universe being transported by Injustice Batman's world. The series itself was almost flawless, but year five was the perfect set up to the video game. There were still ways to doubt whether or not and his Regime were on the right side of this fight. That was, until Superman started killing innocent people because of his anger and hatred for Batman and anything related to . There were sacrifices made for the good and a couple of really good memorable moments between Batman and Superman.

4. Power Man And Iron Fist

After gave up being an Avenger, I wondered what would happen next. It wasn't like he could just be a dad and a husband. And now that Danny rand (Iron Fist) is starting a new life without the mystical city of K'un Lun, he also had to find his niche in life beyond just being a billionaire. All those questions were answered when Marvel announced that Power Man and Iron Fist were back together and doing what they do best: Beating the crap out of people and cashing the checks for it.

Just two guys and their friendship. They just happen to be superheroes.
Just two guys and their friendship. They just happen to be superheroes.

The best part of this series is that they are not the same people they were when they first started the Heroes For Hire business. Luke has a wife and kid and has been an Avenger, so his outlook on how to be a hero has changed. Danny is still Danny, but he is a lot more carefree. After having to kill a perverted version of his father and having his building and home (K'un Lun) destroyed, Danny seems to be living life a little more full now. This book is great for everybody. It has a great vibe of family and togetherness without getting to corny and it also has a great writer in David F. Walker and great artist in Sanford Green. In a world where most comics are angry and depressing at times, Power Man and Iron Fist gives readers a happy alternative.

5. Old Man Logan

has been on of my favorite comic books character for decades. Before the cartoon in the '90s, my uncle showed me an comic and that was it. When Logan died, I was legitimately sad. This was a character I'd followed for years, but we all knew he would be back. What we didn't know was that he would be back as Logan from an alternate timeline that's also over 50 years older than Wolverine. While the concept may seem dumb, the stories have been phenomenal.

Watching try and adapt to his new surroundings and also deal with his past has been done masterfully. While you're reading about him in the present, we get a glimpse of who was in his alternate reality. This Logan is more experienced, craftier, while still being the Logan we have loved for decades. Even if the story was only just OK (and it's far from that), Andrea Sorrentino does such an amazing job with the art that visuals alone are worth the price of the comic. The Wolverine we know may be dead and gone (for now), but I say long live Old Man Logan.

The Old Man Logan storyline is being adapted (in part) for the upcoming film, Logan — the trailer for which you can watch below:

What comic books are you thankful for? Let me know in the comments below.


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