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"What's the point? They're all the same: Some stupid killer stalking some big-breasted girl who can't act..." - Sidney Prescott
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From our very own Pretty Little Liars to our beloved lovers, Kelly and Dylan (or Brenda and Dylan, depending on how you roll), there are TV shows that undoubtedly changed our lives. The characters that we fell in love with so long ago, or are still in love with today, seem to resonate through space and time. Without even you knowing it, these characters subconsciously influence your day-to-day lives. I'm sure you utter a quote from one of your favorites every now and then.

Each one of these series has shaped our lives in one way or the other, and so this list is in no particular order. No matter how much we love to hate them (or hate to love them) we simply could not — and still cannot — live without them!

10. Pretty Little Liars (2010–)

This one is definitely everybody's guilty pleasure! "What are you doing Tuesday night?" Your friends constantly ask. Well, you're at home enjoying your good dose of Hannah, Aria, Spencer, and Em, of course! You'd never really tell them that though, would you? The constant horror of a mysterious cyber-stalker prowling our four favorite little liars keeps us tuned in every week.

9. One Tree Hill (2003–2012)

There's a reason this show made it to 10 seasons, and that's because it always knew what issues to tackle. From the terror of high school shootings to the struggle for self-identity, this series really knew how to outdo itself season after season. Of course, true friendships are what make these shows captivating, and who doesn't adore Brooke and Peyton's BFF-ship?

8. The O.C. (2003–2007)

This one really had a lot going for itself. An inside look at the rich and glamorous lifestyles of the residents of one of America's richest neighborhoods; we loved it. We loved it all. From the goofy go-lucky Seth to the voluptuous, yet doomed Marissa Cooper — they had us at hello. However, Mischa Barton wasn't much of a team player and decided to bite the dust, which inevitably led to the show biting the dust as well.

7. Friday Night Lights (2006–2011)

Just like One Tree Hill, you don't have to be a fan of sports to understand and love this series. Just like the film inspires you to invest in your emotions and understand what it is to struggle as a team, this one takes that and ups the ante by giving us five years of it.

6. Dawson's Creek (1998–2003)

"I don't wanna wait, for our lives to be overrr!" That song will forever remain in our hearts as the anthem for one of the most epic TV series on this list! This one had us strung along on a love triangle almost as ironically dramatic as Edward and Bella, and we ate it up! (I was always Team Pacey.) R.I.P. Jen

5. Gossip Girl (2007–2012)

This masterpiece had our minds blown by simply showing us how extravagant life could be, if only we were filthy rich and had nothing else to do with our lives but to seduce and destroy one another. Blair and her Mother-Chucker were definitely a modern day Romeo and Juliet lost in a beautiful world of glitz and glamour that we LIVED for.

4. Melrose Place (1992–1999, 2009–2010)

If someone were to ask me to describe this series in one word, I'd simply respond with "sex." Am I wrong? Of course, Amanda Woodward's crazy antiques definitely kept us entertained, but this was Game of Thrones of the '90s. The original was filled with soapy vibes (faked deaths, over-the-top storylines, etc.) yet the remake wasn't that bad! If only Ashley Simpson weren't originally cast.

3. 7th Heaven (1996–2007)

This was one truly cheesy family soap on TV that people actually paid attention to. We struggled with the Camden bunch as we watched them deal with heart-wrenching problems, only to have them solved in 60 minutes with a big group hug. However, unlike Full House (which didn't make this list because that was a sitcom), 7th Heaven kept it real by easing the cheesing and maximizing viewer empathy.

2. Party Of Five (1994–2000)

Before Neve Campbell and Jennifer Love-Hewitt became the infamous Sydney Prescott (Scream) and Julie James (I Know What You Did Last Summer), they both starred in this heartbreaking tale of a family of orphans struggling to make ends meet. Definitely not 7th Heaven, Po5 showed us a family that REALLY had issues.

1. 90210 (1990–2000, 2008–2013)

Was I the only one that felt super bad for Donna? Not only was the girl a virgin, but she was dyslexic, too. The longest-running show on this list cumulatively (the reboot did slight justice to the original), this zip code holds a special heart in any person who owned a television set in the '90s. We fell in love with each and every character that Aaron Spelling threw at us, and not only because they were hot, but because so many of us grew up with them.

I got a gazillion goosebumps just writing this article from all the nostalgia pulsing through my veins! I miss these shows SO much, and couldn't be happier that we have platforms like Netflix and Hulu to keep us hooked today! My only question is:

What will be the next Wonder Years or 90210?


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