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NBC's Community hasn't had the easiest of times recently. Both creator/executive producer Dan Harmon and co-star Chevy Chase finished their Community service and exited the show, while the premiere for Season 4 was pushed back to February. It seemed that the chances of the show getting a fifth season were less likely than Pierce Hawthorn not saying some racist stuff. However, hope is at hand, with NBC boss Bob Greenblatt suggesting that if Season 4 is a success, Season 5 could be on the cards. Talking to Deadline, he revealed:

We’re absolutely hopeful it will lead to a fifth season. I’d love nothing more than to see it continue.

This is excellent news. I'm a big Community fan and it would be great if there was a fifth and final season, so the show can have a proper conclusion and the gang can finally graduate. A huge graduation party, with lots of liquor and the guys doing a bit of krumping what be an awesome way to end what has been a fantastic show.

Would you guys like to see Community get a fifth season? Will the exit of Harmon and Chase have an effect on the quality? Drop a comment below.

Community returns February 7th, at 8/7c on NBC


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