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As the great and terrible Cersei Lannister once said, when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. Mostly, you die. We GoT fans have learned the hard way not to get too attached to anyone, because you never know when their heads might roll. There's no way to even begin to count all the unnamed corpses that have littered the screen at any given time, and once you start counting deaths that happen off screen, you won't be able to stop until the sun sets in the East and rises in the West. Nevertheless, we've put together the most comprehensive list of Game of Thrones deaths we could manage. Below is a complete list of all the on-screen deaths of named characters, and a few un-named characters and off-screen deaths that seemed important enough to stick in. Shout out to all the other unnamed soldiers and villagers that didn't make it on this list. The North Remembers! RIP.

How many characters have died on Game of Thrones?

As of Season 6 Episode 10, the total number of deaths is: 196.

If you prefer your deaths quick and painful, then you should definitely check out this video showing all the deaths of Season 6 in under three minutes.

All The Deaths In Game Of Thrones Season 6

196. Lady Lyanna Stark (Season 6 Episode 10)

Through Bran's flashback, we saw Jon Snow's real mother die after entrusting her child to her brother's care.

195. Lord Walder Frey (Season 6 Episode 10)

Arya finally avenged her mother and brother when she slit this treacherous troll's throat.

194. Lothar Frey (Season 6 Episode 10)

Another Frey son that made it into Arya's pie.

193. Ser 'Black' Walder Rivers (Season 6 Episode 10)

Arya killed (off screen) the man who murdered her mother and then baked him into a pie.

192. King Tommen Baratheon (Season 6 Episode 10)

Committed suicide following the wildfire explosion.

191. Queen Margaery Tyrell (Season 6 Episode 10)

The Queen was the first to figure out Cersei's master plan and she tried to warn everyone, but no one would listen to her. Wildfire.

190. Ser Kevan Lannister (Season 6 Episode 10)


189. Lord Mace Tyrell (Season 6 Episode 10)

The Lord of Highgarden and Warden of the South was also present for the aforementioned wildfire.

188. Ser Loras Tyrell (Season 6 Episode 10)

Poor Loras had one of those horrible symbols of the Seven carved on his forehead, then he burned up in the wildfire.

187. The High Sparrow (Season 6 Episode 10)

If it hadn't been for this religious fanatic, the whole wildfire explosion might have been avoided. As it turned out, though, he was smack dab in the center of it.

186. Lancel Lannister (Season 6 Episode 10)

Also stabbed by one of Qyburn's little birds, which was kind of excessive since he was blown to bits by wildfire minutes later.

185. Grand Maester Pycelle (Season 6 Episode 10)

We kind of forgot that Grand Maester Pycelle even existed until he was stabbed by one of Qyburn's little birds at the beginning of Season 6 Episode 10.

184. Lord Ramsay Bolton (Season 6 Episode 9)

We waited a long time to watch Sansa feed this sick bastard to his horrible hounds. Magnificent.

183. Wun Wun The Giant (Season 6 Episode 9)

The last of the giants fought valiantly with Jon Snow's army during the Battle of the Bastards, right up until Ramsay shot him in the eye.

182. Lord Jon Umber (Season 6 Episode 9)

The head of the house that handed Rickon over to the Boltons got his throat yanked out by Tormund, who then stabbed him in the head for good measure.

181. Rickon Stark (Season 6 Episode 9)

RIP, little Stark. Shoulda zigzagged.

180. Belicho Paenymion (Season 6 Episode 9)

Not quite as annoying as Razdal, but still deserved his fate.

179. Razdal mo Eraz (Season 6 Episode 9)

Not really sure why people STILL thought they could mess with Daenerys by Season 6 Episode 9, but Grey Worm slit the throat of this power-hungry Wise Master in that surprise bonus fight in Meereen, just before the Battle of the Bastards.

178. The Waif (Season 6 Episode 8)

Arya killed the Waif in a deliciously ironic fight that took place in the dark.

177. Lady Crane (Season 6 Episode 8)

The Waif slit the lovely Lady Crane's throat.

176. Ser Brynden 'The Blackfish' Tully (Season 6 Episode 8)

While we didn't actually see him die, it's highly unlikely that the Lannisters let the Blackfish live after they took Riverrun.

175. Lem Lemoncloak (Season 6 Episode 8)

The Hound hanged this Brotherhood deserter for what he did to Ian McShane. The two other nameless Brotherhood jerks got theirs, too.

174. Riddell (Season 6 Episode 8)

The last member of that Brotherhood group that the Hound killed on his own in the forest.

173. Steve (Season 6 Episode 8)

The Brotherhood Without Banners member that Gatins tried to finger up the butt.

Wondering why that scene existed at all? "Steve" was actually a Canadian comedian that Benioff and Weiss invited on the show.

172. Morgan (Season 6 Episode 8)

Along with Gatins, Morgan helped slaughter Brother Ray's people, then got sliced open by the Hound.

171. Gatins (Season 6 Episode 8)

The nasty member of the Brotherhood Without Banners that murders Brother Ray's group. Later, Gatins joked about being a good kisser, then stuck his hand down that other guy's pants, just before the Hound chopped his head off.

170. Brother Ray (Season 6 Episode 7)

A rogue faction of the Brotherhood Without Banners strung up Ian McShane — I mean, Brother Ray — in Season 6 Episode 7, when the Hound made his comeback.

169. King Aerys II Targaryen (Season 6 Episode 6)

Jaime Lannister stabbed the Mad King in the back, earning himself the catchy nicknames "Kingslayer" and "Oathbreaker." Did you miss this short part of Bran's vision? Check out our complete breakdown of what Bran saw.

168. Hodor (Season 6 Episode 5)

Hold the door 'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
Hold the door 'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]


167. Leaf (Season 6 Episode 5)

In a scene made all the more poignant after knowing that she was the one that created the White Walkers in the first place, Leaf blew herself up with a fire ball during the attack from the wights, in order to give Bran a chance to escape.

166. Summer

Bran's direwolf died saving her beloved master from the wights.

165. The Three-Eyed Raven (Season 6 Episode 5)

Bran's magical mentor was stabbed by the Night King himself. Maybe we'll get to see him again in a flashback?

164. White Walker (Season 6 Episode 5)

Meera spears this White Walker during the ambush in the cave.

163. Khal Moro (Season 6 Episode 4)

This sad substitute for Khal Drogo burned alive with a bunch of other Khals as Daenerys proved that she is the queen of everything.

162. Khal Forzho (Season 6 Episode 4)

Burnt up by Daenerys.

161. Khal Qorro (Season 6 Episode 4)

Burnt up by Daenerys.

160. Khal Rhalko (Season 6 Episode 4)

Burnt up by Daenerys.

159. Osha (Season 6 Episode 4)

We almost thought the Wildling protector of Rickon and Bran would outsmart Ramsay, but of course she couldn't.

158. Iggo (Season 6 Episode 4)

One of the unlucky fools that bumps into Daario and Jorah on the street in Vaes Dothrak. They kill him to keep him from revealing their presence.

157. Akho (Season 6 Episode 4)

From an earlier episode, Akho was the one that commented to Qhono about raping Daenerys while they were marching to Vaes Dothrak. He tries to kill Jorah when he and Daario come to rescue Daenerys, but Daario stabs him in the back.

156. Ser Alliser Thorne (Season 6 Episode 3)

The leader behind the mutiny that killed Jon Snow, Thorne was hanged by Jon for treason after he came back to life.

155. Othell Yarwyck (Season 6 Episode 3)

The second mutineer to snap Jon Snow, hanged for treason.

154. Bowen Marsh (Season 6 Episode 3)

The First Steward of the Night's Watch, and the third person to stab Jon Snow. Hanged for treason.

153. Olly (Season 6 Episode 3)

The little boy that shot Ygritte and stabbed Jon Snow, also hanged for treason.

152. Shaggydog (Season 6 Episode 3)

Poor Shaggydog was the first to go when Osha and Rickon were captured by the Bolton men.

151. Ser Arthur Dayne (Season 6 Episode 3)

In the flashback to the Battle outside the Tower of Joy, we saw Howland Reed and Ned Stark take out this member of Aerys II's Kingsguard.

150. Ser Gerold Hightower (Season 6 Episode 3)

The Lord Commander of Aerys II's Kingsguard was also slain outside the Tower of Joy in Bran's flashback.

149. Lord Balon Greyjoy (Season 6 Episode 2)

Euron Greyjoy tossed his brother, the Lord of the Iron Islands, from a bridge.

148. Lady Walda Bolton (Season 6 Episode 2)

Ramsay fed his stepmother to his dogs.

147. Baby Bolton (Season 6 Episode 2)

Also dog food.

146. Lord Roose Bolton (Season 6 Episode 2)

Roose got what he deserved for raising a monster like Ramsay Bolton, i.e. Ramsay stabbed him.

145. The Flasher (Season 6 Episode 2)

This repugnant peasant flashed Cersei during her Walk of Atonement, then started spreading disgusting lies about her. The Mountain cracked his skull against a wall.

144. Prince Trystane Martell (Season 6 Episode 1)

Murdered by Obara, another Sand Snake.

143. Maester Caleotte (Season 6 Episode 1)

Tyene kills the maester as part of the Sandsnake coup in Dorne.

142. Prince Doran Martell (Season 6 Episode 1)

"Weak men will never rule Dorne again." *stab stab* - Ellaria Sand

141. Areo Hotah (Season 6 Episode 1)

The Sand Snake Tyene stabbed the Martell Captain of the Guard in the back.

All The Deaths In Game Of Thrones Season 5

140. Lord Commander Jon Snow (Season 5 Episode 10)

Jon Snow Wakes Up 'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
Jon Snow Wakes Up 'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

In a classic GoT devastating surprise sequence, Jon Snow was murdered in a mutiny from the Night's Watch. Melisandre brought him to life again the following season, but still. He was dead!

139. Ser Meryn Trant (Season 5 Episode 10)

A girl gouged out the eyes of this murderous rapist before slitting his throat.

138. Princess Myrcella Baratheon (Season 5 Episode 10)

With what seemed like an innocent kiss of goodwill, Ellaria Sand poisoned Jaime and Cersei's daughter.

137. Myranda (Season 5 Episode 10)

Theon/Reek pushed Ramsay's lover off of a ledge at Winterfell in order to protect Sansa.

136. King Stannis Baratheon (Season 5 Episode 10)

In one of Brienne of Tarth's greatest scenes, she executed Stannis out of loyalty to his late brother Renly.

135. Simpson (Season 5 Episode 10)

With Gordy, this Bolton man is defeated by Stannis Baratheon.

134. Gordy (Season 5 Episode 10)

This Bolton soldier comes upon Stannis Baratheon in the forest and tries to kill him, but Stannis defeats him.

133. Queen Selyse Baratheon (Season 5 Episode 10)

The queen hanged herself shortly after the death of Shireen.

132. Hizdahr zo Loraq (Season 5 Episode 9)

Head of one of the great houses of Meereen, Loraq was set to create a marriage alliance with Daenerys, until he was killed in an attack from the Sons of the Harpy.

131. Princess Shireen Baratheon (Season 5 Episode 9)

Stannis allowed Melisandre to burn the little princess at the stake in a useless sacrifice to the Lord of Light.

130. Karsi (Season 5 Episode 8)

The leader of the Ice-river clans of Free Folk died fighting the wights, and then became one herself.

129. White Walker (Season 5 Episode 8)

One of the Night King's lieutenants, Jon Snow kills this White Walker with dragonglass while the Night King himself observes Jon with interest.

128. Loboda (Season 5 Episode 8)

A Thenn elder killed by a White Walker.

127. Lord Of Bones (Season 5 Episode 8)

Also known as Rattleshirt, this leader of the Free Folk calls Tormund a traitor and accuses him of sucking Jon Snow's cock, so Tormund beats him to death. However, his body is never burned and he becomes a wight.

126. Maester Aemon (Season 5 Episode 7)

The only character (thus far) to have died of old age.

125. Ghita (Season 5 Episode 6)

This ill little girl is brought to the House of Black and White by her father, where Arya gives her a draught from the fountain to end her suffering.

124. Maester Eaton (Season 5 Episode 5)

A typo listed this character as Maester Eaton, but since that doesn't fit with the naming pattern, it's more likely that it was supposed to be Maester eaten, since he gets eaten by Rhaegal and Viserion.

123. Barriston Selmy (Season 5 Episode 4)

Daenerys's advisor perished in a battle with the Sons of the Harpy.

122. Lead Dornish Guard (Season 5 Episode 4)

Bronn and Jaime kill the Dornish guards and steal their clothes when they arrive to rescue the princess Myrcella.

121. Merchant Captain (Season 5 Episode 4)

When he doesn't offer them information for free, the Sandsnakes bury the captain in the sand up to his neck and put a bucket of scorpions on his head, before Obara throws a spear at his head.

120. Janos Slynt (Season 5 Episode 3)

In a scene that echoed the first death of the series, Jon Snow beheaded this Night's Watchman for insubordination.

119. Mossador (Season 5 Episode 2)

Mossador represents the Freedmen on Daenerys's small council, but when he beheads a captured Son of the Harpy without Daenerys's permission, Daenerys orders his execution and incites a riot.

118. Son of the Harpy (Season 5 Episode 2)

Dead Son of the Harpy 'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
Dead Son of the Harpy 'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

This unnamed character is found hiding out in Meereen and imprisoned. Daenerys intends to give him a fair trial, but Mossador sneaks into his cell and kills him.

117. Dwarf 1 (Season 5 Episode 2)

As Cersei begins her purge of all dwarves in the Seven Kingdoms, this performer from the Purple Wedding was unlucky enough to get caught up in it.

116. Mance Rayder (Season 5 Episode 1)

The leader of the Free Folk, the King Beyond the Wall was tied to a pyre, poised to be burned alive by the Night's Watch, until Jon Snow pierced him with an arrow out of mercy.

115. White Rat (Season 5 Episode 1)

The Unsullied soldier that was killed in bed with a prostitute on the orders of the Sons of the Harpy.

All The Deaths In Game Of Thrones Season 4

114. Tywin Lannister (Season 4 Episode 10)

After killing Shae, Tyrion found his father on the toilet and shot him with a crossbow.

113. Shae (Season 4 Episode 10)

Tyrion found his faithless lover in his father's bed, and then strangled her out of self defense.

112. Jojen Reed (Season 4 Episode 10)

Bran's mystical spirit guide was stabbed repeatedly by a wight, and his sister Meera put him out of his misery.

111. Mag the Mighty (Season 4 Episode 9)

Of course, between the Grenn and five other Night's Watchmen, Mag the Mighty didn't make it out alive, either.

110. Donnel Hill (Season 4 Episode 9)

Like Cooper, Donnel Hill dies defeating Mag the Mighty.

109. Cooper (Season 4 Episode 9)

Along with a handful of other brothers, Cooper contributes to killing the giant Mag the Mighty, but dies in the process.

108. Grenn (Season 4 Episode 9)

This Night's Watch ranger met his match in Mag the Mighty Giant during the Battle of Castle Black.

107. Ygritte (Season 4 Episode 9)

In a truly devastating twist of fate, Olly hit Ygritte with another arrow during the Battle of Castle Black and she died in Jon Snow's arms.

106. Styr (Season 4 Episode 9)

This Thenn was fighting with Mance Rayder's army until Jon Snow bludgeoned him with a hammer during the Battle of Castle Black.

105. Thenn Warg (Season 4 Episode 9)

Samwell Tarly stabs this unnamed warg from Styr's tribe.

104. Pypar (Season 4 Episode 9)

Ygritte skewered Pyp with an arrow during the Battle of Castle Black.

103. Smitty (Season 4 Episode 9)

A Night's Watchman that falls off the Wall during the Battle of Castle Black.

102. Dongo (Season 4 Episode 9)

Another giant doomed to fall in the Battle of Castle Black.

101. The Mountain (Season 4 Episode 8)

Gregor Clegane might have been poisoned by Oberyn's spear, but Qyburn didn't let him stay dead for long.

100. Prince Oberyn Martell (Season 4 Episode 8)

In a fit of heroism mixed with vengeance, Oberyn agreed to fight for Tyrion in his trial by combat. It really seemed like he might win, right up until the Mountain squished his eyeballs back into his brain.

99. Ralf Kenning (Season 4 Episode 8)

Ironborn commander. Theon a.k.a. Reek asks Kenning for the Ironborn to surrender to House Bolton, but Kenning spits on Theon and says never. Adrack Humble, his fellow Ironborn, kills him, because he'd rather surrender than die.

98. Adrack Humble (Season 4 Episode 8)

Of course, Ramsay and his men flay Adrack Humble alive anyway.

97. Lady Lysa Arryn (Season 4 Episode 7)

In case you had any doubts about how conniving Littlefinger really was, just think about that time he married Lysa Arryn and then pushed her out the Moon Door so that he could become Lord Regent of the Vale. Yikes.

96. Kegs (Season 4 Episode 7)

A Night's Watchman that was slain while visiting a brothel in a Wildling attack led by Tormund and Styr.

95. Black Jack Bulwer (Season 4 Episode 7)

Like Kegs, he is also slain in the Wildling attack on the brothel.

94. Mully (Season 4 Episode 7)

Also slain in the Wildling attack on the brothel.

93. Biter (Season 4 Episode 7)

One of the convicts that Arya freed from the cage along with Jaqen H'ghar. The Hound snapped his neck.

92. Rorge (Season 4 Episode 7)

Arya shoves Needle through the heart of Rorge, another one of the criminals she freed.

91. Bolton Guard (Season 4 Episode 6)

Yara kills a Bolton guard in her effort to rescue Theon, which fails.

90. Locke (Season 4 Episode 5)

Did you forget that Bran was a killer, too? He snapped the neck of the Bolton man-at-arms while he was warging into Hodor.

89. Karl Tanner (Season 4 Episode 5)

Remember when those Night's Watchman raided Craster's camp and we thought that was going to be great, but then it turned out that they were just cowardly deserters that stayed around and raped Craster's daughter-wives and made life even worse? Well, Karl Tanner was their leader, until Jon Snow put a sword through his useless head.

88. Rast (Season 4 Episode 5)

Along with Karl Tanner, Rast was one of those 11 putrid deserters and rapists that was squatting in Craster's camp. That is, until Ghost chewed him up.

87. Great Master (Season 4 Episode 4)

One of the great masters of Meereen that tries to escape when Daenerys lays siege to the city. He's killed in the slave rebellion.

86. Oznak zo Pahl (Season 4 Episode 3)

The champion of Meereen, Oznak is sent out to duel with Daenerys's champion. He insults her and her party profusely, and is then beheaded by Daario Naharis.

85. Olly's Mother (Season 4 Episode 3)

Styr murders and eats Olly's mother in the raid on their village.

84. Guymon (Season 4 Episode 3)

A man that lives in a village near the wall with his wife and his son, Olly. Ygritte shoots him in the head with an arrow.

83. Dontos Hollard (Season 4 Episode 3)

This is the unfortunate fool that Joffrey humiliates on his name day. Later, Dontos helps Sansa escape after the Purple Wedding but ultimately Littlefinger orders him killed by crossbow.

82. Joffrey Baratheon (Season 4 Episode 2)

It would have been SO satisfying if Tyrion and Sansa had punished this repulsive, tyrannical asshat, but watching him turn purple and choke to death in front of his mother was also pretty great. Lady Olenna and Littlefinger, we salute you.

81. Ser Axel Torrent (Season 4 Episode 2)

The brother of Queen Selyse Baratheon, Axel Torrent gets burned alive on the beach in a sacrifice by Melisandre.

80. Tansy (Season 4 Episode 2)

This House Bolton servant was of little to no importance, until Ramsay hunted her with his dogs and proved what a colossal freakshow monster he really is.

79. Polliver (Season 4 Episode 1)

Polliver 'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
Polliver 'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

Arya finally gets her revenge on the Lannister scum that stole her precious Needle. !

78. Lowell (Season 4 Episode 1)

A Lannister man-at-arms, the Hound kills Lowell in the skirmish at the tavern.

All The Deaths In Game Of Thrones Season 3

77. Frey Soldier #1 (Season 3 Episode 10)

Arya kills this Frey soldier as he mocks the deaths of Robb and Catelyn Stark by a campfire in the forest. He's the first "man" she's killed.

76. Frey Soldier #2 (Season 3 Episode 10)

The Hound kills another soldier after Arya provokes the fight.

75. Lady Catelyn Stark (Season 3 Episode 9)

As if the heartbreaking wail she let out watching Robb die wasn't enough, Lady Stark got her own throat slit by Black Walder Rivers.

74. Joyeuse Frey (Season 3 Episode 9)

The child bride of Lord Walder Frey, Catelyn Stark slits Joyeuse's throat after Robb is murdered.

73. Robb Stark (Season 3 Episode 9)

The second casualty of the Red Wedding (aside from the dozens of nameless Stark men), the Young Wolf wound up on the business end of a Frey arrow, and then Roose Bolton slit his throat.

72. Grey Wind (Season 3 Episode 9)

Robb's direwolf was shot by Frey archers, then beheaded, and... well, you remember. :'(

71. Wendel Manderly (Season 3 Episode 9)

Loyal to House Stark, and another casualty of the Red Wedding.

70. Talisa Stark (Season 3 Episode 9)

The first casualty of the Red Wedding, Robb Stark's wife was stabbed repeatedly in the uterus until dead.

69. Old Man (Season 3 Episode 9)

A horsebreeder for the Night's Watch, the old man's farm is raided by Tormund and a pack of Wildlings including Ygritte and Jon Snow. The old man suggests Jon kill him, to prove that he's a Wildling, but Jon can't do it and Ygritte shoots him.

68. White Walker (Season 3 Episode 8)

Samwell Tarly makes the exciting and life-saving discovery that dragonglass can kill White Walkers.

67. Mero (Season 3 Episode 8)

Mero was one of Daario Naharis's slimy mates that refused to pledge loyalty to Daenerys, and wanted to plot her assassination. Later in Season 3 Episode 8, Daario served up Mero and that other guy's head to his future lover.

66. Prendahl na Ghezn (Season 3 Episode 8)

Prendahl was that other guy.

No named characters died in Season 3 Episode 7.

65. Ros (Season 3 Episode 6)

This sneaky prostitute delivered all the best gossip from Littlefinger's brother to Varys, right up until Joffrey got her with his crossbow.

64. Lord Rickard Karstark (Season 3 Episode 5)

The head of House Karstark and a vassal of House Stark, Lord Karstark is beheaded by Robb Stark after defying his orders not to kill the young Lannister prisoners.

63. Martyn Lannister (Season 3 Episode 5)

The son of Kevan Lannister and little brother of Lancel, Willem was a prisoner at Riverrun, and murdered by Rickard Karstark — against Robb Stark's orders — as retribution for the Lannisters' murder of his own son.

62. Willem Lannister (Season 3 Episode 5)

Martyn's brother, also murdered by Rickard Karstark.

61. Beric Dondarrion (Season 3 Episode 5)

The Leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners got killed by the Hound during a trial by combat, but it almost doesn't count since he's already alive again thanks to Thoros of Myr and the Lord of Light.

60. Greizhen mo Ullhor (Season 3 Episode 4)

A slave trader from Slaver's Bay, killed by the Unsullied at Daenerys's command.

59. Kraznys mo Nakloz (Season 3 Episode 4)

Kraznys mo Nakloz 'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
Kraznys mo Nakloz 'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

This was the douche that tried to trade the Unsullied Army for Drogon, but Daenerys totally outsmarted him by speaking perfect Valeryian right in his smug face and then ordering Drogon to burn him to a crisp.

58. Craster (Season 3 Episode 4)

Thankfully, somebody offed Gilly's disgusting rapist father when the Night's Watch raided his camp in Season 3 Episode 4.

57. Jeor Mormont (Season 3 Episode 4)

Night's Watchman Rast stabbed the Lord Commander during a mutiny.

56. Master Torturer (Season 3 Episode 3)

After everything that Ramsay put him through, it's hard to remember that someone else was actually torturing Theon before Ramsay tricked him into being his prisoner. Ramsay killed the Master Torturer before turning Theon into Reek.

55. Hoster Tully (Season 3 Episode 2)

Catelyn Stark's father, the Lord of Riverrun, died of an illness off screen in Season 3 Episode 3.

There were no on-screen deaths of named characters in Episodes 1 or 2 of Season 3.

All The Deaths In Game Of Thrones Season 2

54. Doreah (Season 2 Episode 10)

Seriously, do not cross the Mother of Dragons. This was the foolish handmaiden that betrayed Daenerys by sleeping with Xaro, so Dany had Jorah lock her inside a vault with Xaro Xhoan Daxos.

53. Xaro Xhoan Daxos (Season 2 Episode 10)

See above. And really. Don't f*ck with Khaleesi.

52. Pyat Pree (Season 2 Episode 10)

How gratifying was it to see this gangly snake-man burned alive by Daenerys's dragons, after he tried to kidnap them and make Daenerys suffer?

51. Qhorin (Season 2 Episode 10)

How could we have forgotten the name of this hero that sacrificed his own life, letting Jon Snow run a sword through him so that Jon could gain the trust of the Wildlings?

50. Maester Luwin (Season 2 Episode 10)

Osha ended the life of the Maester of Winterfell in a mercy killing after he was stabbed by an Ironborn usurper.

49. Tom (Season 2 Episode 10)

A Stark soldier who tries to prevent Brienne and Jaime from traveling to Riverrun. She stabs him through the groin.

48. Matthos Seaworth (Season 2 Episode 9)

Son of Davos Seaworth and squire to Stannis Baratheon, Matthos burns in the wildfire explosion in the Battle of Blackwater.

47. Ser Mandon Moore (Season 2 Episode 9)

This member of Joffrey's Kingsguard tried to kill Tyrion during the Battle of Blackwater, but Podrick managed to kill him in the knick of time.

46. Baratheon Officer (Season 2 Episode 9)

Tyrion makes his first kill during the Battle of Blackwater.

There were no on-screen deaths of named characters in Season 2 Episode 8.

45. Billy (Season 2 Episode 7)

The poor orphan boy that Dagmer burnt and dangled off the wall of Winterfell, passing off as Bran.

44. Jack (Season 2 Episode 7)

Billy's brother, whom Theon passed off as Rickon.

43. The Spice King (Season 2 Episode 7)

One of the Thirteen of Qarth, he had his throat slit when Pyat Pree magically multiplied himself.

42. The Silk King (Season 2 Episode 7)

One of the Thirteen of Qarth, he had his throat slit when Pyat Pree magically multiplied himself.

41. The Copper King (Season 2 Episode 7)

One of the Thirteen of Qarth, he had his throat slit when Pyat Pree magically multiplied himself.

40. Torrhen Karstark (Season 2 Episode 7)

Loyal to the Starks, Torrhen Karstark was acasualty in Jaime's plan to escape imprisonment.

39. Ser Alton Lannister (Season 2 Episode 7)

Jaime Lannister murdered his distant cousin and fellow captive as part of his plan to escape from the Starks' custody.

38. Amory Lorch (Season 2 Episode 6)

This vassal, loyal to House Lannister, leads a failed expedition meant to capture Gendry, which results in Arya being a servant to Tywin Lannister. When Amory catches Arya with a stolen letter and tries to tell Tywin about it, Arya orders Jaqen H'ghar to make Lorch his next kill. Now!

37. Irri (Season 2 Episode 6)

Daenerys's handmaiden and first BFF died tragically in Xaro Xhoan Daxos's raid of Daenerys's chambers in Qarth.

36. Drennan (Season 2 Episode 6)

Osha seduces this Ironborn raider, then kills him so she, Bran, Rickon, Hodor and the direwolves can escape. Nice one, Osha.

35. The High Septon (Season 2 Episode 6)

This religious leader of the Seven Kingdoms is ripped apart by starving rioters in King's Landing.

34. Rodrick Cassel (Season 2 Episode 6)

Theon beheaded the Master-at-Arms of Winterfell when he was on his particularly nightmarish spree of trying to take Winterfell for the Iron Islands.

33. Emmon Cuy (Season 2 Episode 5)

A member of Renly Baratheon's kingsguard, he makes the mistake of blaming Brienne of Tarth for Renly's assassination. She kills him in self defense.

32. Robar Royce (Season 2 Episode 5)

Like Emmon Cuy, Brienne kills Robar Royce after they see her kneeling over Renly's dead body.

31. King Renly Baratheon (Season 2 Episode 5)

Nothing could have prepared poor Renly Baratheon for death by Melisandre's demon shadow baby.

30. The Tickler (Season 2 Episode 5)

This torturer worked in the service of the Mountain, until Arya named him to Jaqen H'ghar as his first kill for her.

29. Rennick (Season 2 Episode 4)

This Lannister guardsman is mauled to death by Grey Wind just before the Starks annihilate an entire chunk of the Lannister army.

28. Yoren (Season 2 Episode 3)

The recruiter for the Night's Watch lost his life in a duel with Ser Amory Lorch in Season 2 Episode 3.

27. Lommy Greenhands (Season 2 Episode 3)

Initially a bully, but eventually one of Arya's little mates, Lommy dies in the raid that is searching for Gendry. Arya saves Gendry's life by pointing to Lommy's dead body, wearing Gendry's helmet, and saying that that was Robert Baratheon's bastard son.

26. Rakharo (Season 2 Episode 2)

Almost as soon as we learned he existed, Rakharo, the Dothraki scout that went off to look for help, came back to Daenerys as nothing but a severed head.

25. Barra (Season 2 Episode 1)

The bastard baby of Robert Baratheon, Barra lives with her mother Mhaegan in Littlefinger's brothel. She is murdered there in front of her mother during the purge of Robert's bastards.

24. Maester Cressen (Season 2 Episode 1)

Stannis Baratheon's maester is worried about Melisandre's influence over the king. He attempts to trick her into consuming poison by drinking it himself, but she is unaffected and he dies anyway.

All The Deaths Game Of Thrones Season 1

23. Mirri Maz Duur (Season 1 Episode 10)

Daenerys sentenced the magic woman to burn on Khal Drogo's funeral pyre for performing the black magic that Daenerys begged her to perform in the first place.

22. Khal Drogo (Season 1 Episode 10)

When the black magic she had begged for left her husband in a bizarre coma, Daenerys had no choice but to smother her beloved.

21. Rhaego (Season 1 Episode 10)

The same black magic that left Drogo mostly dead twisted his and Daenerys's little son into a dragon-like monster, and he was stillborn.

20. Lord Eddard Stark (Season 1 Episode 9)

This was the moment that simultaneously stopped and broke our hearts, and made us realize Thrones was no ordinary show. The man we kind of thought was the main character was cruelly beheaded by Ilyn Payne when that little weasel Joffrey Baratheon gave the command in Season 1 Episode 9.

19. Qotho (Season 1 Episode 9)

One of Khal Drogo's bloodriders (the one that broke Viserys's arm as they restrained him), he tries to prevent Mirri Maz Duur from performing blood magic on the fallen Khal. Ser Jorah kills him.

18. Vayon Poole (Season 1 Episode 8)

Ned Stark's loyal steward, Poole is also killed by Lannister men as Joffrey orders the attack on the Starks.

17. Mago (Season 1 Episode 8)

One of Khal Drogo's bloodriders challenges Drogo and refuses to show respect to Daenerys. Mago wounds Drogo, but Drogo kills Mago and rips his tongue out of his throat.

16. Septa Mordane (Season 1 Episode 8)

Sansa and Arya's nurse and tutor, killed by Lannister bannermen.

15. Stableboy (Season 1 Episode 8)

A girl's first kill.

14. Syrio Forel (Season 1 Episode 8)

Arya's dancing master/combat instructor was presumably killed by Meryn Trent as he gave Arya a chance to escape capture. But we never actually saw him die on screen...

13. Varly (Season 1 Episode 7)

A loyal servant of Eddard Stark, he's killed when the City Watch betray Ned on his way to confront Joffrey.

12. Robert Baratheon (Season 1 Episode 7)

In what was hardly a hero's death, Robert Baratheon died after getting gouged in the side by a wild boar. If only he'd manage to disown the bastard Joffrey before he went...

11. Viserys Targaryen (Season 1 Episode 6)

Viserys 'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
Viserys 'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

Seriously, how satisfying was it to watch Khal Drogo pour molten gold over this whiney little vulture's head? Good riddance.

10. Vardis Egen (Season 1 Episode 6)

Robyn and Lysa Arryn's Captain of the Guards at the Eyrie, Vardis fought as Lysa's champion in a trial by combat, which he lost to Bronn, who was fighting for Tyrion. Bronn pushed Vardis out the Moon Door.

9. Wallen (Season 1 Episode 6)

One of Osha's Wildling companions, a deserter from the Night's Watch. Robb Stark kills him when they try to steal Bran's horse.

8. Stiv (Season 1 Episode 6)

Another Night's-Watchman-turned-Wildling. Theon shoots him with an arrow in the scuffle over Bran's horse.

7. Jory Cassel (Season 1 Episode 5)

Jaime Lannister stabbed the Stark Captain of the Guards right through the eye in Season 1 Episode 5, back before we knew that the Kingslayer had any redeeming qualities.

6. Ser Hugh Of The Vale (Season 1 Episode 4)

Likely involved in or aware of a plot to kill Jon Arryn, Ser Hugh is killed by the Mountain in a tournament celebrating Ned Stark's arrival at the Vale.

There were no on-screen deaths in Season 1 Episode 3.

5. Mycah (Season 1 Episode 2)

The Hound kills Arya's friend, the butcher's son, on Joffrey's orders after the sword fight incident.

4. Lady (Season 1 Episode 2)

After Nymeria bit Joffrey and Arya sent her away, Sansa's direwolf was punished instead, and Ned Stark executed her. What happened to Nymeria after that?

3. Jon Arryn (Season 1, Episode 1)

We never got to know Jon Arryn, since he was already dead when the show started. But we did get to see his dead body. He was the Hand of the King to Robert Baratheon before Ned Stark, and also Ned's guardian. He was married to Catelyn's sister, Lysa.

2. Will (Season 1, Episode 1)

Way back in the pilot, we all felt kind of bad for this Night's Watch deserter, because we knew that he really had seen the White Walkers. I bet they wish they'd listened to him now...

1. Gared (Season 1, Episode 1)

One of the Night's Watchman that was out ranging North of the Wall and wound up getting devoured by wights.

Which Game of Thrones deaths made you sob the most?


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