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Hey MARVEL and film score fans! Iron Man 3 is due on May 3rd 2013 and Composer Bryan Tyler (Fast and the Furious, Battle Los Angles) speaks about the Iron Man 3 Score! In a lengthy Q&A with 8Dio that...

I am currently working on Iron Man 3 and Black Sky,” Brian Tyler told 8Dio amid a lengthy Q&A. “My favorite is almost always my most recent project. I am very excited about Iron Man 3. I think the movie is amazing and Shane is an incredible director.

I for one am excited for the Iron Man 3 score. Tyler takes the reigns from the previous Iron Man composers, Ramin Djawadi (Iron Man) and John Debney (Iron Man 2).

If you can't wait to own the Iron Man 3 score you can pre-order it here.

So tell us what you are excited about in the Iron Man 3 score in the comment section below!


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