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is one of the greatest, but also probably the most secretive living filmmakers. He has two upcoming movies, where music is a key element. Now, his all-star cast melodrama, Knight of Cups, and the Malick-produced Abraham Lincoln project have both found their composer in a trusted collaborator.

As Indiewire reports, Malick only has a few selected regulars, but now composer Hanan Townshend is going to join the exquisite group of production designer , editor and cinematographer . The composer is reunited with Malick to score the director's upcoming Knight of Cups. After composing the soundtrack for Malick's transcendental romantic drama To the Wonder, the upcoming (also romantic) flick is going to be their second collaboration. We know only little about the plot of the film (it is said to be about celebrities and excess), but the cast includes stars like , and .

Besides the melodrama, the New Zealand-born film composer Townsend, is also involved in another Malick-related project. According to Indiewire, he has been hired to score additional music for The Better Angels, produced by the director. The movie, originally named The Better Angels, is going to chronicle the childhood years of Abraham Lincoln. It is being directed by Malick's "protégé and collaborator" and stars , , and . Here the main score duties are going to be handled by .

(via Indiewire)

As we know, Malick is a particularly elaborate, or we could say slow artist, so we can only hope that both projects will come to life soon. Which one do you feel more excited about?


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