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After Arrow's jaw-dropping Season 5 finale left us with many unanswered questions, we can only speculate as to what's in store for the upcoming Season 6.

While the fate of many characters remains uncertain, we do know that Black Siren, Dinah and Rene will return, as the respective actors who play them — Katie Cassidy, Juliana Harkavy and Rick Gonzalez — were all promoted to series regulars. We also know that this season will be the first without the Lian Yu flashbacks as they officially came full circle in the finale. But aside from that, we don't know much about the plot of Season 6.

However, executive producer Marc Guggenheim has cast a light on what we can expect, sharing the first concept art for the upcoming season. Check it out below.

From the tweet, it appears that Laurel Lance's legacy will once again play a major factor. Katie Cassidy portrayed the for the show's first four seasons until she was unjustly killed off. While she recurred throughout Season 5 in flashbacks and dream sequences, the theme of Laurel's legacy was heavily featured throughout the season, with the Green Arrow seeking to honor her memory by finding a successor.

The production art — which features gazing at a memorial display of Laurel's recognizable Black Canary outfit — touts that the memory of Laurel will continue to loom over Season 6. But just what does that mean for the mantle of the Black Canary?

Who Will Become The Next Black Canary?

While Season 5 may have concluded with Laurel's father Quentin Lance officially bestowing the Black Canary mantle to newcomer Dinah Drake, she's not the only Canary in the picture. The penultimate episode of Season 5 saw the return of Black Siren, the villainous Earth-2 doppelgänger of Laurel Lance.

The two badass ladies went head-to-head on Lian Yu in the finale, proving that they were equally matched in combat. However, it was Siren who got the upper hand in their Canary-off as her Canary Cry sent Drake flying into a wooden shelf.

Black Siren wasn't happy about Dinah's arrival. [Credit: The CW]
Black Siren wasn't happy about Dinah's arrival. [Credit: The CW]

Since Dinah was given the title of Black Canary, you would think that the quest to find Laurel's successor is complete. But the Season 6 production art implies the journey will continue. Moreover, if Oliver is conflicted, it's likely due to Black Siren's presence. Remember, he purposely kept her close after her initial defeat, hoping that there was still good left inside her. Perhaps Season 6 will finally reveal the truth.

The outfit that Oliver is staring at in the image is clearly Laurel's Black Canary costume. It seems unlikely he'd give the same clothing to a newcomer like Dinah, especially when she already has her own more casual costume. Thus, it's likely that this particular costume could come into play at some point throughout the season. And it's highly unlikely we'll see anyone other than Katie sporting it, suggesting that Black Siren may follow in the footsteps of her Earth-1 predecessor.

Could Black Siren Redeem Herself?

The news that Cassidy would return to her series regular status next season was exciting enough for fans. But the fact that she is returning as Black Siren instead of her original character hints that big things lie ahead for the former lieutenant of Zoom and Prometheus.

After the character debuted on Season 2 of The Flash, some savvy fans concluded that Siren may eventually take over the Canary mantle, and the production art suggests that this is a possibility. Her appearances on Arrow have already touched upon her backstory, revealing that she lost Oliver on her Earth. Additionally, she also seems to have a connection to Quentin, referring to him as Dad and ensuring he remain unharmed when kidnapped by Prometheus. It's likely that this relationship will be explored in more detail during the sixth season.

So it's likely to conclude that these subtle references to her past — as well as Oliver's commitment to finding good in her — have been laying the groundwork for a Black Siren redemption arc in Season 6. But the question remains: Will it lead to her morphing into Black Canary?

Canaries Cry: Will Black Siren or Dinah Drake become the Black Canary? [Credit: The CW]
Canaries Cry: Will Black Siren or Dinah Drake become the Black Canary? [Credit: The CW]

With Team Arrow's newest member Dinah Drake having taken up the Black Canary cover, this new concept art has left us scratching out heads. While it suggests that Laurel Lance will continue to play a major role in the show, even as it ventures into a new era devoid of flashbacks, we have to wonder why the issue of Laurel's legacy is still so prominent if Dinah is now her successor. That is, unless, she isn't Laurel's successor after all.

Black Siren's return to the show will likely have major implications on her Earth-1 counterpart's legacy. Despite initially wanting to destroy it, she has shown signs of redemption. And as that is more than likely going to be explored in Season 6, there is a strong possibility that Laurel Lance's successor will be, ahem, Laurel Lance. Finally, this raises two more questions: Was Black Siren's possible evolution into the next Canary the plan all along? If so, what happens to Dinah?

Arrow returns to The CW for Season 6 on October 12. What do you think of the new concept art? Let us know in the comments below.


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