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When 's new Superman look for 's Man of Steel was revealed a few people were pretty pissed to say the least. This primarily seemed to be because Supes new outfit seemed to lack his famous red briefs. Conceptual illustrator Warren Manser, who has worked on numerous superhero projects including Thor and Daredevil, has just released his concept and style guide art which shows the Man of Steel could have looked quite different.

In a recent interview with Film Sketchr, Manser also laid out the process behind Superman's new suit. Check out what he had to say, and his art, below:

Zack Snyder was 'hands on' in the process and provided us with great direction. We discussed the specifications and manufacturing techniques we needed to accomplish, and I even created some visual diagrams to aid in communicating the plan. From there I worked with vendors, costumers, 3D artists, and fabricators to help realize the final product. What I really like about the approach was that we employed both traditional and modern fabrication methods. Incredible hand crafted quality merged with digitally created costume elements, and I was right there in the middle of it. I couldn't have been happier.

He also addressed the issue of the controversial red briefs:

I recall hearing the term 'due diligence' in reference to the Superman suit and specifically to the red briefs. It was extremely important that we created a costume that would respect the Man of Steel's origins while taking him to a new level. I don't even want to venture a guess at the number of variations, but he may not be too far off. I had so many photoshop layers that I lost count. Unfortunately, I cannot recall a timeframe, but when our director was satisfied that we exhausted all plausible avenues, he made the call. We said goodbye to the red briefs!

What do you think? Now Man of Steel has arrived in theaters, did Zack Snyder get the look right? Give me your opinion below.


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