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While we all know Disney has been prepping for a live-action Little Mermaid movie, it's still a few years away. Meanwhile, Conglomerate Media and Kingsway Productions have beaten them to the punch and surprised audiences by dropping a trailer for their own live-action version of the classic fairy tale, which will be premiering later this year.

This trailer is visually stunning, with hints of a bigger mystery being at play.

While it is beautiful, it is clearly not based on the animated Disney film (since, again, Disney is already on top of that) but seems to be adapting elements from the original Hans Christian Andersen fairytale in a mostly original story: When a reporter and his niece go to a circus and see what they believe to be a real mermaid, they are taken on an adventure they never could have imagined.

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I am always interested in the different takes that people have on fairy tales that Disney made popular again for our generation, and this looks like one that can't be missed. With (The Chronicles of Narnia) as our handsome hero and (The Shannara Chronicles) playing the trapped siren, this seems as though it could be a new and unique retelling that children and families can enjoy together.


Are you excited to see this telling of 'The Little Mermaid'?


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