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What happens when you put together and a werewolf transformation scene together? Blood. Lots of blood. That's what you get. Then again, if you put Roth and any scene together, you get a lot of blood (it's kind of his thing, ya know), but in this case, we'll just focus on the homo sapien-to-lycanthrope kind.

Roth is one of the most recent Hollywood fixtures to try his hand at developing a project for the small screen. Make that the very small screen, as in NetFlix. Following the resounding success of House of Cards and the upcoming fourth season of Arrested Development via the streaming video service, many filmmakers are trying their hand at a new medium that perhaps affords them a bit more freedom than they might otherwise have.

The Roth-produced Hemlock Grove will be airing in a few weeks and after a trailer, a new clip has popped up online. And I do mean "popped". As in eyeballs. As know what, just watch:

Told you it was the most gruesome werewolf transformation scene you've ever seen.

The series is based on the novel by Brian McCreevy, and it follows the adventures of gypsy and rumored werewolf, Peter Rumancek, played by (and as we can see, not so much with the "rumored" part). He lands in the Pennsylvania steel town (whoo, home!) of Hemlock Grove right around the same time a little girl is brutally murdered.

The series boasts a fairly impressive cast, including , , and . If you're keeping score at home, that's a Canadian, an American, a Dutchwoman, an Englishman, and a Swede, who seems to be following in his brother's footsteps for landing on shows with a supernatural bent.

I'm excited to see this one. I'm always down for a good, non-cheesy supernatural series (unless it's Buffy, because BUFFY 4 EVER) and with Roth producing, this has the potential to have a few surprises up its sleeve.

All the episodes of Hemlock Grove drop April 19th on NetFlix, so be there or be square.



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