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Everyone's favorite demonic nun from The Conjuring 2 has been set to star in her own spin-off for quite some time now, but news has been rather quiet on that front — until today.

Warner Bros. immediately green-lit following the financial success of , but the studio then took its time searching for the right director to bring Valak to life. However, after months of waiting, our prayers have finally been answered.

The Conjuring 2 [Credit: Warner Bros.]
The Conjuring 2 [Credit: Warner Bros.]

While we would have tiptoed through the meadow with joy if James Wan helmed a spin-off to his beloved franchise, Warner Bros. has now confirmed that British director Corin Hardy will take the reigns instead. Best known for helming an independent known as The Hallow, Hardy has quickly gained a solid reputation among genre fans, so he seems like a smart choice.

Fortunately, production on The Nun should hopefully start soon, as Warner Bros. have also confirmed that screenwriter Gary Dauberman will work on the script alongside Wan. While fans didn't receive Dauberman's work on with open arms, Wan's involvement with the script should ensure that The Nun fares better than the doll-centric Conjuring spin-off.

The Conjuring 2 [Credit: Warner Bros.]
The Conjuring 2 [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Speaking to io9, Wan discussed the origins of Valak, which will undoubtedly be explored in more detail when The Nun eventually gets back in the habit:

''Because it is a demonic vision that haunts her, that only attacks her, I wanted something that would attack her faith. Something that would threaten the safety of her husband. And so that was eventually how the idea of this very iconographic image of a holy icon cemented in my head.''

It's unclear right now whether Dauberman and Wan's script will take a similar approach to Annabelle, purely exploring the character's origins, or whether the events of The Conjuring 2 will also impact the film somehow. Either way though, we pray that The Nun will be as scary as Valak's attack on the Warrens in this scene from The Conjuring 2:

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While The Conjuring earned over $300 million worldwide on a budget of just $20 million, the sequel earned even more, banking an extremely impressive $320 million. Even Annabelle grossed $256 million on a $6.5 million budget, despite the horrendous reviews, so The Nun is almost guaranteed to be a smash hit. Let's just hope that Hardy begins work on Valak's spin-off as soon as possible, as the director is now in high demand, due to his other upcoming film, Jason Momoa's remake of The Crow. To be honest, we don't know which project terrifies us more...


Which character from The Conjuring 2 is scarier?

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