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Life is pretty good when you're Conor McGregor. The Notorious™ MMA superstar is currently the hottest commodity in the UFC, known for his provocative competitiveness and outlandish displays of extreme wealth. And now it looks like Conor has one more thing to smile about — the birth of his first child with long-time girlfriend Dee Devlin.

The pair teased the announcement of the pregnancy via this Instagram post last year, but Devlin recently shared another adorable pic of her ever-growing baby bump that unequivocally confirms that there's a little bun in the oven.

Conor hinted at the sex of his newborn during a Q&A at An Experience With Conor McGregor, telling fans that any records he has set will only be broken by his son:

"The only time my records are going to be broken are by him. I'm going to train this child."

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It's not surprising McGregor would want to give his son the same passion which has driven his success,

"I hope when it comes down to it I can settle down when I have a child. I hope I can man up and be a father."

The baby boy, expected to arrive in May, will be McGregor and Devlin's first child, and Conor is already concerned about how to protect his child from his new-found celebrity. Basically, don't come near McGregor when he's with his kid. Speaking to GQ, Conor said:

“I'm not trying to bring a kid into that. If someone comes near me when I have my kid in my hands, like the way they come near me now, looking for pictures, someone's gonna be badly hurt.”

McGregor was also offered a high-profile starring role in the up-coming Predator remake, which was scheduled to begin filming for eight weeks around the time his baby was due — and no amount of money would persuade him to miss the birth of his child:

"So I asked how much and the answer was 'not enough'. We talked about it and the number went up but it would mean eight weeks filming in Toronto.

He also turned down for the same reason. Having said this, Conor hasn't turned down roles in Game of Thrones and his long-running beef with Floyd Mayweather is sure to keep him occupied before he officially becomes a father. Rumors have also been swirling about who he will next face in the Octagon, but for now his biggest concern is more likely how to stick a crib together.

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